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The Many Faces of
ManufacturerArt Asylum
Assortments (3)
Figures (no base)
Figures (unproduced)
Eminem Chilling
Slim Shady
Figures (no base)
Eminem Chilling (no base)
Slim Shady (no base)
Figures (unproduced)
Marshall Mathers
Key personnel
I want to buy Marshall Mathers, "The Many faces of Eminem" action figure!!!     (Posted by karrian13 of Cleburne, Texas - February 28, 2012 16:44)
I have all the other action figures, but not Marshall Mathers. Price is not a problem, I have to have him with the base, in original wrapping. Basically unopened. As fellow collectors you know how I feel. Please if you have this item, and your willing to sell, please let me know. You can get ahold of me here, or e-mail me at vanc@digitex.net. I repeat, price is not a problem, we'll talk on your terms. Thank you, this is very important!!!
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Eminem - The Many Faces of    
Eminem, the rhyming pied piper, taking the nation's children on a brutal reality tour their parents never wanted them to see. With over 20 million albums sold and over 100 million minds blown, the rapper known as Eminem has many faces. Love him, hate him, fear him, try to destroy him - he will stay in your face, as long as he wants to.
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