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Max Steel
Assortments (29)
Figures 1999
Figures 2000
Figures 2001
Figures 2002
Figures 2004
Figures 2007 Adrenalink 2-packs
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Extroyers
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Max
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Roleplay
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Vehicles
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions 2-packs
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Cytro
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Extroyer
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Max
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Vehicle
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures 2-pack
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Cytro
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Extroyers
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Max
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Vehicles
Figures 2011 N-Teck Gear
Gear 1999
Gear 2000
Gear 2001
Role-play Items
Vehicles 1999
Vehicles 2000
Vehicles 2001
Vehicles 2002
Figures 1999
Arctic Strike
Blade Patrol
Blade Patrol + video (Target Excl)
Canyon Raider
Cobra Master
Combat Diver
Motocross Agent
Mountain Attack
Night Combat
Ninja Attack
N-TEK Force
Psycho (Villain)
S.O.S. Agent
Secret Commando
Skateboarding 2001
Sky Strike
Spear Lanz-Er
Super Agent
Super Attack Psycho
Figures 2000
Arctic Agent
Arctic Commando
Cave Raider
Jungle Assault
Moto Attack
Mountain Climbing
Ninja Fighter (FAO Excl)
N-TEK Agent
Panther Claw
Psycho Explosion Figure
Python Fighter
Rocket Blading
Ski Strike
Special Ops (Wal-Mart Excl)
Surf Attack & Turbo Board
Tornado Chaser
Tornado Explorer
Track & Attack (fig w/ infrared remote control)
Typhoon Rescue
Figures 2001
Amazon Blaster
Aqua Attack Figure + MX7 Wave Skimmer Board
Battle Luge Figure
Bio-Constrictor 2001
City Agent
Crossbow Commando
Go Kart Racer
Going Turbo
Jeremy McGrath
Jet Skater
Mega Flex
N-TEK Ranger
Psycho Figure 2001
Samurai Warrior
Street Board
Super Scan
Urban Agent
Wave Flier
X-Ray Agent
Figures 2002
Arm Attack
Auto Rifle
Bazooka (N-TEK)
Combat Agent
Karate Master
N-TEK Fire Rescue
N-TEK Fire Rescue varinat
N-TEK Police Rescue
N-TEK Police Rescue variant
Operation N-TEK
Rota-Grip (N-TEK)
Sahara Attack
Sensor TEK
Slash Action
Working Life Detector
Zipline (N-TEK)
Figures 2004
Electro-Eel Attack
Hydro Spear Elementor
Metal Chaos Elementor
Water Elementor
Whirlpool Elementor ?
Figures 2007 Adrenalink 2-packs
(Cyber Tiger vs Max)
(Gorilla Attack)
Air Attack Extroyer vs Max
Cyber Rhino Battle (Max vs Rhino)
Digital Destruction (CybersuitMax+ElementorMetal)
Max vs Extroyer
Max vs Lava Elementor
Max vs T-Rextroyer
Ocean Adventure (Max & Orca)
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Extroyers
Elementor Agua y Fuego
Elementor Gigante
Fire Water Metal (Extroyers)
Ice Elementor
Lava Blast Elementor
Meteor Storm Extroyer
Razor Attack Elementor
Secret Attack Extroyer (gold)
Secret Attack Extroyer (silver)
Terra Elementor
Troy to Extroyer
Ultimate Extroyer
Wing Storm Elementor
Wing Storm Elementor (prototype?)
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Max
Adrenaline Max
Adventure Max Steel
Camo Force Max
Cyber Wired Max
Electro Shield (Max)
Exo-Claws Max
Extreme Skater Max
Hang Glider Max
Max ??
Medusa Attack
Mega Sky Dive
Mega-Fighter Max
Rock Climber Max Steel
Scuba Blaster Max
Skate Strike
Snowboarder Max
Spin Fire Max
Turbo Battle (Max)
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Roleplay
Adrenalink Armor
Dual Attack Sword
Figures 2007 Adrenalink Vehicles
N-Tek Battle Suit
RC Quad Extreme
Rocket Bike
Sand Blaster (with Max)
Secret ??
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions 2-packs
Battle Claw Max & Grizzly
Claw Strike Max vs Double Danger Extroyer
Extreme Blizzard Battle (Max vs Snow Elementor)
Max Steel Max VS. Extroyer Piranha
Night Arrow Max & N-Tek Wolf
N-Tek Cyber Armory (Max Vs Cytro)
Stealth Attack Team (Cytro + Max)
Super Shot Max vs Wildfire Elementor
Ultimate Turbo vs Toxzon Battle
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Cytro
Cyclone Cytro
Cyclone Cytro (black)
Jungle Attack Cytro
Mega Perforator Cytro
Moto Cytro
N-Tek Cytro
Rapid Strike Cytro
Spy Attack Cytro
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Extroyer
Chemical Explosion Toxzon
Colossal Shadow Elementor
Dark Raven Extroyer
Earth Explosion Elementor
Extroyer Wolf
Forest Flood Elementor
Lightning Elementor
Metal Chaos Elementor
Multi-Attack Elementor
Multi-Attack Elementor (lava chest)
Oil Blast Toxzon
Shadow Blade Extroyer
Toxzon's Mutant Monsters
Transforming Extroyer Arachnid
Transforming Ssserpent Extroyer
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Max
Armored Max ??
Attack Droid Max
Cyber Blade Max
Electro Sword Max
Extending Armor Max
Flight ?? Max
Hydro Blast Max
Laser Armed Max
Lightning Punch Max
Max 3D Turbo Vision
Mountain Climbing ?? Max
Multi-Blaster Max
Net Capture Max ??
Night Gear Max
Night Glow Max
Robo-Flight Max
Rock Crusher Max
Spy Hawk Max
Spy Shot Max
Storm Surf Max
Toxic Capture Max
Transforming Suit Max
Troy ??
Turbo Trap Max
Zero Gravity Max
Figures 2009 Turbo Missions Vehicle
Bio-Stunt Bike (with Max Motorcross)
Cyber Flight Racer (green trim)
Cyber Flight Racer (with Max)
N-Tek Off-Road Assault
Stormfire Chopper
Supercharged Bike Blaster
Transforming Stealth Jet (with Max)
Ultimate Battle Suit (with Max)
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures 2-pack
Crushing Claws Max & Cyber Toothed Tiger
Max vs Extroyer
Max vs Makino
Poisonous Threat Battle Pack (Max vs Extroyer)
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Cytro
Cavern Rescue Cytro
Cybercopter Cytro
Hydro Tex Cytro
Jet Blaster Cytro
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Extroyers
Acid Blade Toxzon
Desert Tornado Elementor
Giant Centipede Extroyer
Mutant Danger Toxzon
Reef Crash Elementor
Smog Attack Toxzon
Toxon Terror Con Toxoides
Transforming Crocodile Extroyer
Venomous Wasp Extroyer
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Max
Amphibious Battle Max
Arctic Expedition Max
Battle Armor Max
Chemical Defense Max
Cyber Shot Max
Electro Suit Max
Extreme Dive Max
Extreme Elevation Max
Helicopter Chase Max
Hurricane Rescue Max
Lava Capture Max
Max ??
Max ??
Max ??
Max ??
Mega Blade Max
N-Tek Turbo Jet with Max
Radioactive Defense Max
Sky Strike Max
Sky Surfer Max
Spinning Blades Max
Toxic Armor Max
Turbo Crossbow Max
Turbo Speed Max
Wild Dunes Max
Zip Wire Max
Figures 2011 N-Teck Adventures Vehicles
3-in-1 Waterski ??
Bike ??
RC Racer ??
Figures 2011 N-Teck Gear
N-Tek Bike-2-Blaster ??
N-Tek Multi-action Blaster
Gear 1999
Combat Diver Battle Gear Pack
Combat Diver Mission Pack
Secret Commando Battle Gear Pack
Secret Commando Mission Pack
Gear 2000
Arctic Commando Battle Gear Pack
Cave Raider Mission Pack
Night Fighter Battle Gear Pack
N-Tek Adventure Pack - Emergency
N-Tek Adventure Pack - Explosives
Secret Attack Backpack
Secret Attack Boombox
Secret Attack Guitar
Secret Attack Skateboard
Typhoon Rescue Mission Pack
Gear 2001
All-Terrain Board Extreme Mission Pack
Amazon Attack Adventure Gear
Amazon Attack Mission Pack
Aquajet Gear & Wepons Pack
Attack Camp Gear & Wepons Pack
Camouflage Attack Pack
Master Climber Gear & Wepons Pack
N-TEK Camouflage Gear & Weapons
N-TEK Enforcer Gear & Weapons
Sky Glider Mission Pack
Urban Siege Adventure Gear
Weapons Center Attack Pack
Role-play Items
Bio-Link Communicator (2000)
Vehicles 1999
MX16 Hydro Jet
MX25 Attack Jet & Battle Luge
MX4 Rocket Cycle
MX4 Rocket Cycle & Rocket Launcher
MX48 Turbo Vehicle & Rocket Blaster
Vehicles 2000
MX12 Sky Board Vehicle + Tornado Chaser Figure
MX250 Moto Blaster Dirt Bike
MX35 Arctic X-plorer Vehicle (FAO Excl)
MX67 Arctic Stormer (Vehicle and Figure)
MX77 Sharkruiser Aqua Attack Vehicle
MX9 N-Tek Cycle
Psycho Combat Cycle
Vehicles 2001
MX18 Amazon Raider
MX33 Wind Raider
MX99 Heli-Jet
Skyfire Go Kart
Vehicles 2002
MX11 Sharkruiser
Sahara Moto-Cannon
Speed Boat
Wave Storm
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Max Steel    
Josh McGrath, 19 years, is, in the everyday life, an ordinary young man who adores all the extreme sports. But, secrecy shared by only some privileged people, he is also the new and most secret of the N-teak agents, whose alias is MAX STEEL. When a diabolical empire threatens to terrorize the world, there's only one hero who can stop it...MAX STEEL. Infused with super nanotechnology (N-Tek), this extreme teen is stronger, faster and more powerful than any human, working for a secret global security force.
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