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Transformers '01 Robots in Disguise
Assortments (6)
Spy Changers
Transformers, Deluxe
Transformers, Mega and Ultra
Transformers, multipacks
Transformers, Super, Supreme & Ultra Super
Spy Changers
Armorhide - Tank
Mirage GT - Indy Racer
Movor - Space Shuttle
Night Cruz - Flying thingy
Obsidian - Helicopter
Rail Racer
Rollbar - Army Jeep
Ro-tor - Helicopter
Scavenger - JCB
Transformers, Deluxe
Axer - Motorcycle
Bruticus - Hellish Monster
Landfill Set: Grimlock - JCB
Landfill Set: Heavy Load - Dump Truck
Landfill Set: High Tower - Crane
Landfill Set: Wedge - Snow Plow
Mega-Octane - Flatbed Military Transport
Megatron Megabolt - Giant Floating Head
Prowl - Lambourghini Police Cruiser
Prowl, Super - Blue Police Cruiser
Side Burn - Dodge Viper
Side Burn, Super - Red Dodge Viper
Sideways - Motorcycle
Skid-Z - F1 Racer
Skyfire - Jet Plane
Storm Jet - Jet
Tow-Line - Tow Truck
Wind Sheer - Jet Plane
X-Brawn - SUV
X-Brawn, Super (Repaint) - SUV
Transformers, Mega and Ultra
Cryotek - Ice Dragon
Galvatron - Double Headed Dragon
Megatron - Double Headed Dragon
Midnight Express - Bullet Train
Railspike - Bullet Train
Rapid Run - Bullet Train
Sky-Byte - Shark
Transformers, multipacks
Gas Skunk + Dark Scream(squirrel) + Slapper(frog)
Hotshot + REV
Ironhide + Mirage
Nightcruz + Mirage GT + Scavenger
Prowl 2 + Side Swipe
Side Burn + Daytonus
Skid-Z / Wind Sheer
Tow-Line / Skyfire
WARS + Crossfire
Transformers, Super, Supreme & Ultra Super
Air Attack Optimus Primal - Ape
Fortress Maximusl - Huge Stonking City
Optimus Prime - Fire Truck
Scourge - Tractor Trailer
Ultra Magnus - Car Carrier
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