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GI Joe Classic Collection (1996-)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.12
Assortments (12)
Accessories - Mission Gear
Accessories - Mission Gear Deluxe
Dolls 1996 - Box with cover flap
Dolls 1996 - Convention Issues
Dolls 1996 - Thin Box
Dolls 1997-98
Dolls 1997-98 - WWII
Dolls 1998 - Civl War Series
Dolls 1998 - Historical Commanders
Dolls 1998 - Hollywood Heroes
Dolls 1999
Dolls 1999 - Armed Forces Services
Accessories - Mission Gear
Artic Mountaineer
Authentic Footlocker
M-60 Gunner's Pit
Mortar Pit
Recon Base Camp
Reconnaissance Force
Accessories - Mission Gear Deluxe
Artic Adventure Set - Deluxe Mission Gear
K-9 Patrol Set
Underwater Demolition Set
Dolls 1996 - Box with cover flap
Austrailian ODF (black)
Austrailian ODF (Caucasian)
British SAS (Black)
British SAS (Caucasian)
French Foreign Legion
US Airborne Ranger HALO (Caucsaion & AA)
US Army Infantry (black)
US Army Infantry (Caucasion, blond hair)
US Army Infantry (Caucasion, brown hair)
US Army Tank Commander
US Marine Corps Sniper
Dolls 1996 - Convention Issues
Dress Marine - ICC'95
French Resistance - ICC'95
Naval Admiral - Target Exclusive
SWAT (black) - ICC'95
UN Peacekeeper - ICC'95
US Coast Guard
USN Shore Patrol
WWII Action Pilot - FX'95
Dolls 1996 - Thin Box
Airborne MP (Black) - KB Excl
Airborne MP (Caucasion) - KB Excl
Airborne MP (Hispanic) - KB Excl
Battle of the Bulge Soldier (Black) - TRU
Battle of the Bulge Soldier (Caucasian) - TRU
Dress Marine (black) - TRU Exclusive - LE 50,000
Dress Marine (white) - TRU Exclusive - LE 50,000
Dolls 1997-98
442nd Infantry Nisei Soldier
Army Football Quarterback
Astronaut: Mission: Spashdown + Space Capsule
Belgium Para Commando
D-Day Salute
General George Washington
Green Beret - Memorabilia - FAO
Independence Day Holiday Salute
Medal of Honor - Mitchell Paige
Medal of Honor - Sgt Francis Currey
Mercury Astronaut
Navy Blue Angel
Navy Football Linebacker
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Tuskegee B-25 Bomber Pilot
US 82nd Airborne
US Army Drill Sergeant
US Army Helicopter Pilot (female)
US Infantry Action Soldier - Footlocker - Target
US Marine Corp Sniper
US Special Coldweather Soldier
USMC Force Recon
USS Connecticut Crewman SSN-22 LE
USS Connecticut Navy Submariner - Booksmith LE
Dolls 1997-98 - WWII
B-17 Bomber Crewman
PT-Boat Commander
SWAT (white) - ICC'95
Tuskegee Fighter Pilot
US Army Courier + WLA Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
US Navy Flight Deck Fuel Handler
Dolls 1998 - Civl War Series
General Ulysses S Grant
US Marine - Heavy Weapons Series - KB
Dolls 1998 - Historical Commanders
General Colin L Powell
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
General Omar Bradley
General Patton
Dolls 1998 - Hollywood Heroes
Bob Hope
Dolls 1999
US Airforce Crew Chief
US Army Desert
US Coast Guard
US National Guard
US Vietnam Marine
Dolls 1999 - Armed Forces Services
Army National Guard
Boot Camp (Vietnam)
Boot Camp Korea
Navy Serviceman
US Army Vietnam
US Marine Korea
USAF Crew Chief
USMC Boot Camp
Story synopsis
Synopsis for GI Joe Classic Collection (1996-)    
The Classic Collection introduces the current 18 point articulated figure. The new Classic Collection is similar to the original 1964 toy with its 12-inch body, and full articulation (moving joints), but is appealing to adult collectors with its wide range of authentically detailed military themes and personnel from around the world. The line features exquisitely detailed packaging with original hand-painted artwork and narrative stories about the missions, history, and contributions of the particular G.I. Joe.
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