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GI Joe Adventure Team 1970-73
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.12
Assortments (11)
Action Outfits
Action Packs
Equipment and Uniform Sets
Equipment For Adventure Team - blue box
Equipment For Adventure Team - triangle top
Equipment For Adventure Team - yellow box
Sears Exclusives
Action Outfits
Copter Rescue, boxed
Copter Rescue, carded
Dangerous Climb, boxed
Dangerous Climb, carded
Dangerous Mission, boxed
Dangerous Mission, carded
Desert Explorer, boxed
Desert Explorer, carded
Desert Survival, boxed
Desert Survival, carded
Fight for Survival, boxed
Fight for Survival, carded
Hidden Treasure, boxed
Hidden Treasure, carded
Jungle Ordeal, boxed
Jungle Ordeal, carded
Photo Recon
Secret Mission, boxed
Secret Mission, carded
Secret Rendevous, boxed
Secret Rendevous, carded
Undercover Agent, boxed
Undercover Agent, carded
Winter Rescue
Action Packs
Drag Bike
Escape Car
Fire Fighter
Flying Rescue
Life-Line Catapult
Rescue Raft
Signal Flasher
Turbo Copter
Underwater Explorer
Equipment and Uniform Sets
Capture of the Pygmy Gorilla
Danger of the Depths
Eight Ropes of Danger
Fantastic Freefall
Fight for Survival
Flying Space Adventure
Hidden Missile Discovery
Secret Mission to Spy Island
White Tiger Hunt
Equipment For Adventure Team - blue box
Aerial Recon
High Voltage Escape
Hurricane Spotter
Missile Recovery
Radiation Detection
Volcano Jumper
Equipment For Adventure Team - triangle top
Chest Winch
Laser Rescue
Rocket Pack
Solar Communicator
Sonic Rock Blaster
Underwater Demolition
Equipment For Adventure Team - yellow box
Dangerous Removal
Emergency Rescue
Jungle Survival
Secret Agent
Smoke Jumper
Adventurer (black)
Air Adventurer
Land Adventurer
Man of Action
Sea Adventurer
Talking Adventure Team Commander
Talking Adventure Team Commander, black
Talking Astronaut
Talking Man of Action
Adventure Team Footlocker
Equipment Tester
Escape Slide
Magnetic Flaw Detector
Sample Analyzer
Thermal Terrain Scanner
Adventure Team Headquarters
Training Center
Sears Exclusives
Helicopter/Ampicat Set
Mobile Support Unit Set
Mystery of the Boiling Lagoon Set
Search fot the Abominable Snowman
Devil of the Deep: Turbo Swamp Craft
Fate of the Trouble Shooter: Delta 7-X Comm Veh
Official Adventure Team Vehicle (ATV)
Recovery of the Lost Mummy Adventure (Sears)
Search for Radioactive Satellite: Mobile Support V
Search for the Stolen Idol: Helicopter
Secret of the Mummy's Tomb: ATV + figure
Space Walk Mystery: Space Capsule + figure
The Shark's Surprise: Sea Sled + figure
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