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American McGee's Alice
ManufacturerMilo's Workshop
Assortments (2)
Series 1
Series 2
Series 1
Alice & Cheshire Cat
Alice & Cheshire Cat (green glow cat) (Tower Rec)
Alice & Cheshire Cat (small eyes)
Alice & Cheshire Cat (small eyes) (bloody)
Card Guards (Diamonds + Clubs)
Card Guards (Diamonds + Spades)
Card Guards (Hearts & Clubs)
Card Guards (Hearts & Spades)
Mad Hatter
Series 2
Alice & Cheshire Cat (Anime Alice & grey cat)
Alice & Cheshire Cat (Anime Alice & tan cat)
Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dum
White Rabbit
White Rabbit (black variant)
White Rabbit (red coat variant)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for American McGee's Alice    
American McGee's Alice takes place in the world of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of childhood e except Alice has grown up to be a catatonic, knife-wielding psychopath, and her Wonderland has changed from an innocent land of whimsy into a nightmarish world of bad craziness! American McGee is one of the top video game designers in the world, and his latest masterpiece has emerged as his most successful outing yet.
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