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HULK, The Movie
ManufacturerToy Biz
Assortments (8)
Figures Series 1
Figures Series 2
Figures Series 3
Figures Series 4
Figures Smash'n Go
Large Figures
Role-Play items
Figures Series 1
Punching Hulk
Smash & Crush Hulk
Super-poseable Leaping Hulk
Figures Series 2
Bruce Banner
Rage 'N Roar Hulk
Twist 'N Slam Hulk
Figures Series 3
David Banner
Rapid Punch Hulk
Throwing Hulk
Figures Series 4
Hulk Dog
Rampaging Hulk
Smash'n Scream Hulk
Super Poseable Hulk
Figures Smash'n Go
Smash'N Go Hulk - on motorcycle
Smash'N Go Hulk - on rock
Smash'N Go Hulk - on tank
Large Figures
Battle Action Hulk 15"
Poseable Hulk
Raging Hulk
Stretch 'n Roar Hulk 25"
Electronic Rage Cage
Role-Play items
Electronic Hulk Hands
Electronic Hulk Voice Changing Mask
Hulk Hands & Electronic Voice Changing Mask
Water Cannon
Water Gun
Story synopsis
Synopsis for HULK, The Movie    
Bruce Banner endures a life without a past, yet filled with dreams. As a genetic scientist, Bruce studies the effects of gamma radiation on damaged tissue. Unaware that there is a monster inside him, Bruce continually struggles with fits of anxiety, embarrassment and rage. One day during a freak lab accident, Bruce's inner beast is unleased and he becomes the most powerful being on the face of the earth -The Hulk! Figure comes with wall punching action.
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