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TMNT 1991
Assortments (8)
Headdroppin Turtles [4]
Mutant Military Turtles [4]
Rock'n Rollin' Turtles [4]
Sewer Sports All-Stars Turtles [7]
Storage Shells Turtles [4]
Talkin' Turtles [4]

List all items (alphabetically)
Chrome Dome
Hose'em Down Don
Make My Day Leo
Sergeant Bananas
Space Usagi
Super Shredder
Tokka - green shell
Tokka - orange shell
Zak, the Neutrino
Headdroppin Turtles [4]
Headdroppin' Don
Headdroppin' Leo
Headdroppin' Mike
Headdroppin' Raph
Mutant Military Turtles [4]
Lieutenant Leo
Midshipman Mike
Pro Pilot Don
Raph - The Green Teen Beret
Rock'n Rollin' Turtles [4]
Classic Rocker Leo
Heavy Metal Raph
Punker Don
Rappin' Mike
Sewer Sports All-Stars Turtles [7]
Grand Slammin' Raph
Shell Kickin' Raph
Shell Slammin' Mike
Skateboarding' Mike
Slam Dunkin' Don
Slap Shot Leo
TD Tossin' Leo
Storage Shells Turtles [4]
Storage Shell Donatello
Storage Shell Leonardo
Storage Shell Michaelangelo
Storage Shell Raphael
Talkin' Turtles [4]
Talkin' Donatello
Talkin' Leonardo
Talkin' Michaelangelo
Talkin' Raphael
Cheapskate II
Don's Kookie Carnival Car (Wacky Action)
Leo's Jolly Turtle Tubboat (Wacky Action)
Leo's Turtle Trike
Mike's Kowabunga Beach Buggy
Ninja Newscycle
Raph's Sewer Speedboat
Raph's Turtle Dragster
Rocksteady's Pogocopter (Mutant Military)
Sewer Sub (Mutant Military)
Shell Top 4x4
Turtle Blimp II
Turtle Tank (Mutant Military)
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