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TMNT 1997
Assortments (4)
Dino Turtles
Mutant Masters
The Next Mutation
The Next Mutation: Thunder Thrashers 1997
Dino Turtles
Ankyl Leo
Pterano Don
Stego Raph
Tricera Mike
Tyranno Shredder
Mutant Masters
Donatello - Water Warrior
Donatello - Water Warrior (asian market)
Leonardo - Wind Warrior
Michaelangelo - Thunder Warrior
Raphael - Fire Warrior
The Next Mutation
Next Mutation Donatello
Next Mutation Dragon Lord
Next Mutation Elite Guard
Next Mutation Leonardo
Next Mutation Michealangelo
Next Mutation Rank Warrior
Next Mutation Raphael
Next Mutation Shredder
Next Mutation Splinter
Next Mutation Venus
The Next Mutation: Thunder Thrashers 1997
Blacktop Boardin' Venus
Kowabunga Cruisin' Raph
Sewer Thrashin' Mike
Shoot the Curl Don
Street Surfin' Leo
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