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Masters of the Universe Commemorative Series
 2000 - 2001 
Assortments (4)
Figures 2000
Figures 2001
Figures with Beast
Gift Sets
Figures 2000
Beast Man (2000 reissue)
Evil-Lyn (2000 reissue)
Faker (2000 reissue)
He-Man (2000 reissue)
Man-At-Arms (2000 reissue)
Mer-Man (2000 reissue)
Skeletor (2000 reissue)
Teela (2000 reissue)
Trap Jaw (2000 reissue)
Tri-Klops (2000 reissue)
Figures 2001
Battle Armor He-Man (2001 reissue)
Battle Armor Skeletor (2001 reissue)
Buzz-Off (2001 reissue)
Clawful (2001 reissue)
Stratos (2001 reissue)
Zodac (2001 reissue)
Figures with Beast
Battle Cat + He-Man
Panthor + Skeletor
Gift Sets
5-Pack I with Exclusive Prince Adam
5-Pack II with Exclusive Moss Man
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