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Mech Warrior - Dark Age
ManufacturerJoyride Studios
Assortments (2)
Die-Cast Mechs
Die-Cast Mechs - Construction Sets
Die-Cast Mechs
Forestry Mech (brown)
Forestry Mech (yellow)
Jupiter (all blue)
Jupiter (aqua and tan)
Jupiter (battle damaged) Gamestop Excl
Legionnaire (olive, 1 blue arm)
Legionnaire (yellow and orange arms)
Mad Cat II (all white)
Mad Cat II (battle damaged) Gamestop Excl
Mad Cat II (white, blue cockpit)
Die-Cast Mechs - Construction Sets
Forestry Mech Construction Set
Jupiter Construction Set
Legionnaire Construction Set
Mad Cat II Construction Set
Review for Mech Warrior Dark Age by Joyride Studios.    
Very Cool!
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Mech Warrior - Dark Age    
It is the 32nd century and war once again is a way of life. Striding across these futuristic battlefields are BattleMechs - giant walking war machines with devastating firepower - that rule supreme. You pilot one of these awesome weapons of war across light-years of interstellar space and thousands of worlds. You are a MechWarrior.
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