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Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Assortments (1)
12" Dolls
12" Dolls
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers - Graduation Day (brown coat)
Buffy the Vampire with tombstone
Darla (blue skirt)
Darla (red skirt)
Der Kindestod
Drusilla with Dead Bird
Faith with Extra Weapon
Origins Angel aka Liam-Angelus
Oz - Dingoes Ate My Baby Tshirt
Prophecy Girl Buffy (white dress )
Prophecy Girl Buffy (white dress+leather jacket)
Spike (black coat)
Spike (black coat) Extra Hands Black Fingernails
Subway Spike
Subway Spike (with boom box)
The Gentleman
The Master
The Master with Dlx Candelabra
Vampire Angel
Vampire Spike (black coat)
Vampire Spike Hawaiian Shirt
Vampire Willow
Werewolf Oz with Gothic Skull Pedestal
Willow with Backpack
Xander Harris
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