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Brotherhood of Arms
Assortments (4)
18th Georgia Battalion (Uniform Set)
1st Texas Infantry (Uniform Set)
2nd US Berdan Sharpshooter (Uniform Set)
53rd Georgia Infantry (Uniform Set)
7th North Carolina Infantry (Uniform Set)
88th NY Infantry (Uniform Set)
Civil War Riffles
US 2nd Wisconsin Infantry (Uniform Set)
Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Confederate 1st Texas Infantry
CS 1st Texas Infantryman
CS 29th Alabama Infantry
CS 57th Virginia Infantry
CS Cav. 1st Virginia Cavalry
CS Cav. 1st Virginia Cavalry with Kepi
CS Infantry Bugler - Army of Northern Virginia
CS Infantry Officer, Army of Northern Virginia
General George A. Custer with Navy pistol
General Jeb Stuart
General Nathan Bedford Forrest
General Robert E. Lee
General Thomas J 'Stonewall' Jackson
General Ulysses S. Grant
Major General William Tecumseh Sherman
President Abraham Lincoln
US 100th Pennsylvania Infantry
US 146th NY Zouave Infantryman
US 2nd 'Berdan' Sharpshooter
US 2nd Wisconsin Infantry
US Cav. 6th Michigan Cavalry
US Cav. 6th Michigan Cavalry with Shell Jacket
US Infantry Officer, Army of the Potomac
US NY Zouave Infantryman
Old Stone Wall Diorama
Federal 6-pounder 1841 Field Artillery Cannon
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