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Real Action (C-window)
 1999 - 2002 
ManufacturerMedicom Toy
Assortments (1)
004 Masked Rider
004 Shocker Red
008 Masked Rider X Goverment of Darkness
014 Artificial Human Androbot
020 Justice Agent
024 Masked Rider 1
025 Robot Detective K
027 Masked Rider Rider Man
032 Masked Rider Old No 2
033 Masked Rider Old No 1
034 Artificial Human Kikaida Zero-One
036 Artificial Human Hakaider
039 Masked Rider X
043 Robot Detective K (white jacket)
045 The Skull Man
055 Gorenger-1 Red
056 Gorenger-2 Blue
103 Robeana
105 Inazuman Sanagiman
109 Masked Rider ver 3 Rider Man
121 Hakaida 1985 Prototype Edition
137 Masked Rider Black
Akumeizer3 Gabura
Akumeizer3 Ibiru
Akumeizer3 Zabitan
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