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ManufacturerMichael Lau
Assortments (1)
Junkie x (2002 Hong Kong Toycon)
lamdog 1st black body
lamdog 1st gray face
lamdog 1st white body
lamdog 2nd black face
lamdog 2nd brown face gold shirt
lamdog 2nd gray face
lamdog 2nd gray face orange shirt
lamdog 2nd kiss type 1 (silver cuffs)
lamdog 2nd kiss type 2
lamdog 2nd kiss type 3 (grey tones)
lamdog 2nd kiss type 4 (slver)
lamdog 2nd yellow face
lamdog 3rd man
lamdog dog type black body
lamdog dog type white body
lamdog head keychains
lamdog soccer
lamdog soccer black
lamswim black shorts
lamswim white shorts
Story synopsis
Synopsis for lamdog    
Michael was asked to pursue his figure work by his professional musician friend Jan Lam who would sell Lam Dog figures at his concerts.
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