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Robots, Lasers, and Galaxies
ManufacturerImperial Toy Corporation
Assortments (2)
Robots Warriors
Robots Warriors
Battle Beast
Battle Beast and Combat Cruiser Set
Battle Bison
Battle Bison and Combat Cruiser Set
Battle Charger (horse)
Mammoth Marauder
Rhino Avenger
Rhino Avenger and Combat Cruiser Set
Sabertooth Serpent
Sabertooth Serpent and Combat Cruiser Set
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Robots, Lasers, and Galaxies    
In not too distant worlds populated by robots, monsters, and other such beings, adventures abound. Fierce monsters with the most powerful weapons in the galaxy are engaged in deadly combat. They are being led by some of the most notorious heroes and villains in the Universe. Will the lord of evil conquer the galaxy? Only the tide of battle will tell.
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