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Mega Force
Assortments (4)
Triax Vehicles - boxed
Triax Vehicles - carded
V Rocs Vehicles - boxed
V Rocs Vehicles - carded
Triax Vehicles - boxed
Backlash Air Assault Rapid Deployer
Crossbolt Mobile Armored Helipad
Goliath Mobile Battle Headquarters
Ram Fist Command Vehicle
Strikemaster Orbital Attack Shuttle
Triax Vehicles - carded
Anti-Aircraft Tanks w/ Blasting Barricade
Attack Helicopters w/ Radar Tower
Battle Tanks w/ Armored Bunker
Fighter Bombers w/ Catapult Deck
Rocket Launchers w/ Blaster Shield
Tar-Traks Armored Tank Transport
VTOL's (Vertical Take-off) w/ Flight Jump
XT Enforcer Mobile Catapult
V Rocs Vehicles - boxed
Skorpion Armored Assault Launcher
Stratofortress Air Superiority Bomber
Thorhammer Mobile Launch Complex
Thunderwolf Heavy Lift Helicopter
V Rocs Vehicles - carded
Anti-Aircraft Tanks w/ Ramp Barricade
Attack Helicopters w/ Armored Helipad
Battle Tanks w/ Armored Bridge
Brimstone Tactical Missile Carrier
Fighter Bombers w/ Jet Hanger
Rocket Launchers w/ Armored Wall
Trident Fueler
VTOL's w/ Elevated Landing Pad
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Mega Force    
Mega Force is a series of military vehicles released by Kenner in 1989. There are two sides, The Triax army and The V-Rocs army. The cool thing about these toys is that all of the smaller vehicles are Die-Cast, which you really didn't see much of. An amazing amount of though went into these toys, they are all very original and highly detailed, it's a wonder why they never released a second line. I own a 99% complete collection of Mega Force vehicles.
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