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The Interchangeable World of The
Assortments (5)
Retro Series .00001
Retro Series .00002
Retro Series 1.5
Retro Series Deluxe
Retro Series Exclusives
Retro Series .00001
Acroyear Chrome
Acroyear Gold
Acroyear Purple & black
Acroyear Red & Clear
Acroyear White + Gold
Acroyear White + Gold (Devil's Due Excl)
Membros (Bioscan Membros) (green)
Membros Black
Membros Red
Membros Translucent Yellow
Membros Transparent
Space Glider Blue, Black & Silver
Space Glider Green, Silver & Gold
Space Glider Red, White & Silver
Space Glider Yellow, Silver & Gold
Time Traveler - Dynamic Forces Excl
Time Traveler Black & Gold
Time Traveler Blue & Silver
Time Traveler Red & Silver
Time Traveler Transparent & Gold
Retro Series .00002
Centaurus (black torso blue legs)
Centaurus (black torso purple legs)
Centaurus (red torso)
Centaurus (yellow torso)
Galactic Defender (black)
Galactic Defender (blue)
Galactic Defender (gray)
Galactic Defender (green)
Pharoid (blue & black)
Pharoid (blue & white)
Pharoid (red)
Pharoid (white)
Repto (blue)
Repto (clear)
Repto (green)
Repto (purple & yellow)
Retro Series 1.5
Commander Space Glider (Blue & yellow)
Prince Acroyear (Red, white & black)
Radioactive Membros (green)
Time Traveler Medic (red & white)
Retro Series Deluxe
Baron Karza & Andromeda - black
Baron Karza & Andromeda - clear
Baron Karza & Andromeda - clear red
Baron Karza & Andromeda - Gold
Emperor and Megas (black)
Emperor and Megas (clear green)
Emperor and Megas (white)
Force Commander & Oberon - clear
Force Commander & Oberon - clear red
Force Commander & Oberon - white
Red Falcon (clear + silver)
Red Falcon (clear red + silver)
Red Falcon (green+ white)
Red Falcon (red + blue)
Retro Series Exclusives
Space Glider - Hero Factory Exclusive
Time Traveler - Black (Lee's Toy Review Excl)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Micronauts    
They came from Innerspace! In the 1970s, the world was first introduced to the startling and amazing new world of the Micronauts. These highly detailed super playable figures were originally brought to the United States by the legendary toy company named Mego, and continue to be highly sought after by collectors and kids of all ages. Palisades is extremely proud to present these reproductions of the classic toys.
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