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ZAP Power Force
 1988 - 1999 
Assortments (2)
Cyber Cops 8"
Cyber Cops 8" - Chrome Series
Cyber Cops 8"
Biotron (red cop)
Blazord (white cyber man)
Destron (green cop)
Spectron (blue cop)
Zortron (black cop)
Cyber Cops 8" - Chrome Series
(chrome blue cop)
(chrome green cop)
(chrome pink cop)
(chrome purple cop)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for ZAP Power Force    
In the year 2010 "Power Force," the highest ranked members of "Z.A.P." (Zero Section Armed Police), patrol the streets of America. Equipped with the best in scientific technology, "Power Force" makes America the safest place to live. The members of "Power Force" are known for their abilities in computer information analysis and combat readiness. Each member of "Power Force" is armed with a top secret case, containing titanium weaponry. Revered as the most powerful police force in America, "Power Force" keeps the streets free from the menacing Death Trap organization.
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