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Bruce Lee
ManufacturerMedicom Toy
Assortments (2)
Fashion Show Dolls
Fashion Show Dolls
Mode 1 Madras Jacket
Mode 2 Red/White Checker Shirt
Mode 3 White/Navy Leather Jacket
Mode 4 Strip Shirt
Mode 5 Brown Knit Jacket
Mode 6 Pattern Shirt
Mode 7
Mode 8
Mode 9 Purple Shirt
Mode 10
Mode 11
Mode 12
Mode 13 Hippie Shirt
Mode 14 2 Tone Long-Sleeve Shirt
Mode 15 Printed Tank Top
Mode 16 Green Border T-Shirt
Mode 17 Navy Blazer
Mode 18 Training Suit
Mode 19 Half Jacket
Mode 20 Pattern Shirt
Mode 21 Training Suit
Mode 22 2/2 Pattern Shirt
Mode 23 Border Shiirt
Mode 24 Pattern Shirt
Limited Edition Bruce Lee Statue
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Bruce Lee    
Original concept and produced by Eric So. The Bruce Lee Fashion Show series showcases Lee's unique sense of style with a line of 12" figures each decked out in a real outfit Lee wore during his lifetime.
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