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Tenchi Muyo
Assortments (2)
Static Light-up Figures
Super-deformed figurines in 3-packs
Static Light-up Figures
Super-deformed figurines in 3-packs
01 Tenchi + Ryo-Ohki + Sasami
02 Ayeka + Kagato + Washu
03 Ryoko + Mihoshi + Nagi
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Tenchi Muyo    
Tenchi Muyo is is based around Tenchi Masaki, a high-school student, whose life is turned upside down after an encounter with a demon at a shrine in the mountains. The title can be read as meaning several things. Taken as a whole, tenchimuyou means this side up, so the title could be referring to Tenchi's quest to regain the normal life he once led. An alternative translation is No Need for Tenchi, or Useless Tenchi, which takes on extra meaning when it is revealed that there are two Tenchi's.
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