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Studio Ghibli Collections
Assortments (1)
Figurines Packs
Figurines Packs
01 - La Puta Castle in the Sky
02 - Spirited Away (beige box)
02 - Spirited Away (red box)
03 - Kiki's Delivery Service
04 - La Puta Castle in the Sky 2-pack
05 - My Neighbor Totoro
06 - Spirited Away
07 - Nausicaa Möwe Mowe
08 - Howl Sophie Mark
09 - Witch Blobman Heen
10 - Sophie Turnip Witch
11 - Calcifer Fireplace
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Studio Ghibli Collections    
Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio, led by one of animation's greatest creators, Hayao MIYAZAKI. The studio creates very high quality animated movies, which is rather unique, since most Japanese animation studios depend on TV series or OVAs. They consistently beat Disney movies in box office revenues in Japan and have received numerous awards. Miyazaki and Ghibli movies are well respected and loved by all Japanese people, children and adults alike.
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