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Assortments (5)
Dolls 14"
Figures - 2-packs
Figures - Tag Team with Sound Module
Dolls 14"
Lex Luger The Total Package
Ric Flair Nature Boy
Sid Vicious
Sting The Stinger
Arn Anderson (red) - UK
Arn Anderson (white)
Barry Windham (black)
Barry Windham (blue) - UK
Big Josh - UK
Brian Pillman (blue) - UK
Brian Pillman (orange)
Butch Reed
Dustin Rhodes - UK
El Gigante - UK
Jimmy Garvin - UK
Lex Luger (blue)
Lex Luger (green) - UK
Lex Luger (pre-ring attire) - UK
Michael PS Hayes - UK
Ric Flair (blue)
Ric Flair (red) - UK
Ric Steiner (green) - UK
Ric Steiner (purple)
Ron Simmons (dark blue with stripe) - UK
Ron Simmons (dark purple)
Scott Steiner ( pink and blue) - UK
Scott Steiner (yellow and black)
Sid Vicious (black)
Sid Vicious (pink) - UK
Sting (black pants)
Sting (blue pants)
Sting (orange pants) - UK
Sting (pre-ring attire) - UK
Tom Zenk
Figures - 2-packs
B. Pillman + T. Zenk
Doom (Butch Reed + Ron Simmons)
Rick Flair + A. Anderson
Sid Vicious + Windham
Steiner Brothers
Sting + Lex Luger
Figures - Tag Team with Sound Module
The Fabulous Freebirds
Slam-Action Wrestling Arena
Sound Slaming Action Ring
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