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Bible Greats
ManufacturerRainfall Toys
Assortments (6)
Dolls 8 inch boxed
Dolls 8 inch carded
Figures (purple cards)
Newer Boxed Sets
Playsets (for figurines)
Dolls 8 inch boxed
Dolls 8 inch carded
Daniel and the Lion
F-400 Noah
F-405 Daniel
F-410 Joseph
F-415 Moses
F-420 Samson
F-425 Ruth
F-430 Deborah
F-435 Esther
F-440 Gideon
F-445 Joshua
F-475 David & (12 inch) Goliath
Jonah and the Whale
Figures (purple cards)
David + Goliath
Newer Boxed Sets
Jonah & the Big Fish
The Nativity
Playsets (for figurines)
Bible Village House
Calvary Hill
Cast of Bible Characters
The King's Temple
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Bible Greats    
These figures were sold in the 1980s (about 1986). They are characters from the Bible and were sold in Christian stores as well as some other department chains. There are at least 14 of these charcters. The back of their necks may be stamped Bible Games, and on the underside of their feet (which have molded on sandals), the right foot is stamped solely "CHINA" and the left is stamped "Rainfall 86". Some came on a blister pack with a small booklet which described the character's place in history. Some came boxed sets, such as "Jonah & the Big Fish"
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