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World Peacekeepers
ManufacturerM&C Toy Centre.PowerTeam
Assortments (6)
Figures Deluxe
Figures with Footlocker
Figures with Vehicles
Figures, Female
Air Force Night Operation
Airborne Trooper (HALO)
Anti-Tank Team
Combat Controller
Delta Force
Desert Infantry
Desert Navy Seal
Desert Night Infantry
Green Berets
Helicopter Commander
Marine (NBC Specialist)
Marine Expedition Unit
Military Police
Military Special Force
Modern Arctic
Navy Seal
Scout Swimmer
UN Force
Figures Deluxe
Airborne Trooper Playset
Anti-Tank Team Playset
Battlefield Playset
Combat Controller Playset
Delta Force Playset
Desert Infantry Playset
Gunner Playset
In Pursuit Playset (brown horse)
In Pursuit Playset (white horse)
Infantry Playset
Marine Playset
Modern Arctic Playset
Navy Seal Playset
Ranger Playset
Scout Swimmer Playset
Figures with Footlocker
Marine with Foorlocker - Caucasian, blonde hair
Marine with Foorlocker - Caucasian, brown hair
Marine with Foorlocker - Ethnic
Figures with Vehicles
Combat Chopper
Combat Tank
Jungle Assault Craft
Military Buggy
Military Cannon
Military Copter
Military Howitzer
Military Motorbike
Military Snow Mobile
Military Vehicle
Military Vehicle Playset (Jeep + Bike + Soldier)
Figures, Female
Female Diver
Female Soldier 1
Female Soldier 2
Female Soldier 3 (arctic)
Battle Command Post
Lookout Tower
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