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Spider-Man and Friends
Super Heroes
ManufacturerToy Biz.Spider-Man
Assortments (9)
Figures (early releases) (Playwell & Toy Biz)
Figures (later releases) (Toy Biz Worldwide)
Plush (Hug'N..)
Vehicles - other
Vehicles - Superheroes Bump'n Go
Vehicles - Tub Time Wind-Ups

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Figures (early releases) (Playwell & Toy Biz)
Air Patrol Spider-Man
Air-Rescue Captain America
Beach Patrol Hulk
Crime Fighter Wolverine
Crime-Fighter Spider-Man
Deep Sea Explorer Spider-Man
Fire-Fighter Spider-Man
Hang Glider Spider-Man
Jackhammer Hulk
Karate Spider-Man
Laser Blast Cyclops
Police Officer Spider-Man
Rapid-Fire Wolverine
Robot Spider-Man
Skating Spider-Girl
Snowboarding Spider-Man
Super Strength Hulk
Water Rafting Spider-Man
Water Webs Shooter
Web Slinging Spider-Man
Web Trap Spider-Man
Figures (later releases) (Toy Biz Worldwide)
Air Launch Spider-Man
Air Rescue Spider-Man
Claw Catch Wolverine
Color Change Lizard
Construction Spider-Man
Deep Space Spider-Man
Doc Ock
Freedom Fighter Captain America
Green Goblin
Hang Glider Spider-Man
Jet-Pack Spider-Man
Laser Blast Cyclops
Mega Muscle Thing
Mr Fantastic
Neighborhood Patrol Spider-Man
Ocean Adventure Spiderman
Ocean Dive Spider-Man
Quick Change Spider-Man
Ride & Fly Spider-Man
Rocket Blast Iron Man
Sand Box Spider-Man
Sand Box Spider-Man
Space Thing
Super Strength Colossus
Super Strength Hulk
Super Strength Thing
Super Swing Spider-Man (Super Punch)
Tornado Spin Doc Ock
Water Blast Iceman
Web Ball Spider-Man
Web Disk Spider-Man
Web Grab Spider-Man
Web Slinging Spider-Man
Web Stream Spider-Man
Web-Climbing Spider-Man
Spider-Man Poseable Action Figure Bank
Super Hero Playset
Plush (Hug'N..)
Cuddlin' Time Thing
Hug'n Glow Spider-Man
Hug'n Roar Hulk
Captain America Rescue Motorcycle
Crime Crusher Monster Truck (w Spider-Man)
Floating Helicopter Playset
Hulk ATV
Li'l Dump Truck + Spider-Man
Monster Truck (The Thing)
Motorized All Terrain Vehicle (Spider-Man)
Motorized Bumper Car (Hulk)
Motorized Bumper Car (Spider-Man)
Motorized Bumper Car (The Thing)
Motorized Bumper Car (Wolverine)
Motorized Hulk Tow Truck
Motorized Spider-Man Tow Truck
Motorized Splash 'n Swim Spider-Man
Spider-Man Go-Cart
Spider-Man Racer
Spider-Man Wave-Rider
The Thing Go-Cart
Wave-Rider + Spider-Girl
Web Cycle Racer
Web Racer
Wolverine Cycle
Vehicles - other
Electronic Light 'n Sound Web Racer
Remote Control Web Racer
Shape Sorting Truck
Superheroes Train Set
Vehicles - Superheroes Bump'n Go
Spider-Man Fire Engine
Super Hero All Terrain Vehicle
Vehicles - Tub Time Wind-Ups
Hover Boat (Hulk)
Hover Boat (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man Water Plane
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