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Dark Carnival
ManufacturerMezco Toyz
Assortments (3)
22 inch Clown
Figures (boxed)

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22 inch Clown
Cadaver The Clown 18" (blue overalls)
Cadaver The Clown 18" (red&black overalls)
Cadaver the Clown
The Browning Brothers
The Browning Brothers (green variant)
Figures (boxed)
Madam Mortuus
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Dark Carnival    
Dark Carnival: Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and see the world's most bizarre sideshow. Evil clowns and twisted sideshow freaks dwell in the shadowed alleys of the macabre. Meet Cadaver the clown, mirth and madness are his pleasures, Stitches the evil alter ego of Emit Kelly, and The Browning Brothers, twisted quintuplets of freakish flesh pierced by their humanity. Each is packaged individually and will hit stores this fall..
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