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Little People
Assortments (7)
New Sets - Christmas
New Sets - Growing Smart
New Sets - Plastic figures (1998 and later)
New Sets - Vehicles
Older Sets - Chunky Wood figures (1996-1998)
Older Sets - Small Wood figures (pre-1996)
Playground Equipment
New Sets - Christmas
1999 Limited Edition Christmas Train Car
A Little People Christmas (2003)
Christmas Day Ornament
Christmas Eve Ornament
Christmas Eve Ornament (2)
Christmas Morning Ornament
Christmas Surprise
Christmas Village
Musical Christmas Train
Santa's Delivery
Santa's Sleigh
Santa's Workshop
New Sets - Growing Smart
Growing Smart Farmyard
Growing Smart Firefighter Friend
Growing Smart Vet Sonya Lee
New Sets - Plastic figures (1998 and later)
2-In-1 Camper (w/ plastic people)
2-In-1 Seaplane
ABC Suprise School
Action Ramps Garage
Adventure Airlines
Animal Sounds Farm
Animal Sounds Zoo
Baby Animals
Baby Farm Animals
Baby Sea Animals
Baby Zoo Animals (boxed set)
Baby Zoo Animals (only)
Barnyard Pal
Barnyard Pal - European Variant
Big Top Balancing Bear
Big Top Circus Tent
Big Top Dancing Dog
Big Top Train
Circus Train
Count 'N Build Town
Discovering Animals at the Farm
Discovering Vehicles at the Garage
Discovery Airport
Easter 2004 -Bunny + 2 Figures
Eddie Spooky Sounds
Eddie's Doctor Visit
Farm 1997
Farm 1999
Ferris Wheel
Fun Park
Fun Sounds Crane & Carry
Fun Sounds Garage
Fun Sounds Garage Accessory Assortment
Fun Sounds Rescue
Hippos Pandas & Alligators
Home Sweet Home
Hospital Friends
Lil' Farmers Market
Lil' Roadside Helper
Lil' Sidewalk Rider
Little People House
Little Red Riding Hood
Maggie's Preschool
Main Street
Matching Keys Pet Shop
Musical Zoo Train
Noah's Ark
On The Job
Peacocks Leopards & Rhinos
Play Inside School House
Playtime Pals
Pony Pickup
Ramps Around Garage
Roadside Rescue
Safari Mountain
Sarah Lynn Spooky Sounds
Spring Buds
Springtime Friends
Stack 'n Crash Worksite
Sweet Sounds Home
Team Players
Tippity-Top Egg 1999 Boy
Tippity-Top Egg 1999 Girl
Tippity-Top Egg 2004 Eddie
Tippity-Top Egg 2004 Sarah Lynn
Traffic Control
Tricks 'n Treats
Trip To The Vet
U.S. Boy Olympians
U.S. Girl Olympians
Winter Wonderland
New Sets - Vehicles
Beeps the Bus
Clanky the Garbage Truck
Dump Truck
Dumpety the Dump Truck
Flash the Fire Truck
Floaty Boat - with captain
Floaty Boat - with little girl
Lift 'n Load Trucks
Lil Sidewalk Rider (boy)
Lil Sidewalk Rider (girl)
Melody the Mini Van
Mini Van
Mixie the Cement Truck
Neighborhood Vehicles
Parading Pals
Petmobile Bulldozer
Petmobile Fire Truck
Petmobile Race Car
Petmobile Speedboat
Push 'n Pull Fire Truck
Rumblin' Grumblin' Dump Truck
School Bus 1998
School Bus 1999
Tow 'n Go
Tuffy the Dump Truck
Older Sets - Chunky Wood figures (1996-1998)
2-In-1 Camper (chunky)
2-In-1 Seaplane (chunky)
Action Ramps Garage (chunky)
Barnyard Pal (chunky)
Circus Train (chunky)
Home Sweet Home (chunky)
Little People Farm (chunky)
Roadside Rescue (chunky)
School Bus (chunky)
Older Sets - Small Wood figures (pre-1996)
Airport Crew
Circus Clowns
Construction Crew
Little People Swimming Pool (1986)
Little People Zoo
Play Family School Bus (1986)
School Bus (1965)
Zoo (1985)
Playground Equipment
Mushroom House
Mushroom Table
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