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Medieval Figures
Medieval Playsets
Medieval Vehicles
Modern Figures
Modern Playsets
Modern Vehicles
Pirate Figures
Pirate Playsets
Pirate Vehicles
Medieval Figures
Battle Knight
Jousting Knight
King Braveheart
Knight Brigade
Mystical Wizard
Medieval Playsets
Battle Castle
Goblin's Dungeon
Lost Fortress
Wizard's Tower
Medieval Vehicles
Attack Wagon
Battle Dragon
Royal Coach
Modern Figures
Canine Police Officer
Construction Worker
Hazmat Specialist
Highway Patrol Officer
Mounted Police Officer
Road Mechanic
Modern Playsets
Coastal Patrol Station
Construction Site
Police Station
Rescue Center
Rumblin' Rocks Construction Site
Modern Vehicles
Auto Rescue Squad
Dump Truck
Emergency Medical Vehicle
Hook and Ladder (fire truck)
Rescue Chopper
Rescue Seaplane
Pirate Figures
Phantom Crew
Shipwrecked Pirate
Pirate Playsets
Buccaneer Bay
King Neptune & Sea Monster
Pirate Vehicles
Battle Skiff
Pirate Raider
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Imaginex    
Every day, in every way, Recue Heroes characters show their true colors by helping save lives. They represent America's everydat heroes - their courage, their strength of character and their enduring commitment to helping others and doing what's right.
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