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GIJoe 2003 (Spy Troops)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (11)
BTR Vehicles with Figure
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 1
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 2
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 3
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 4-5
Spy-Troops Figures with Mission Disc Set 1
Spy-Troops Figures with Mission Disc Set 2
Spy-Troops Playset
Spy-Troops Vehicles - Boxed
Spy-Troops Vehicles - Carded
BTR Vehicles with Figure
Armadillo Assault
Cobra Moccasin
Cobra Raven
Depth Ray
Forest Fox
Rock Crusher
Agent Faces Mail-in
Army Builder BAT v2 (Internet Exclusive)
Army Builder Inferno BAT (Internet Exclusive)
Army Builder Over Kill (Internet Exclusive)
Cobra Troop Builder 6-pack (Internet Exclusive)
Python Patrol Multipack
Snake Eyes (Kid Rhino DVD Exclusive)
Tiger Force Multipack
Toyfare Snake Eyes + Agent Scarlett
Zartan (Collector's Club Mail-in)
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 1
Air Assault with Barrel Roll
Chief Torpedo vs. Burn Out
Cross Hair vs. Cobra CLAWS Commander
Recondo vs. Iron Grenadier
Sgt. Hacker vs. Scalpel
Tunnel Rat vs. Overkill
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 2
Beachhead vs Cobra Sand Viper
Dart vs Dr Mindbender
Depth Charge with Wave Crusher
Flint vs Black Out
Roadblock vs Dreadnok Ripper
Shipwreck vs Over Kill
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 3
Big Brawler with Gun Station
Grunt vs Destro
Kamakura vs Night Creeper
Lady Jaye vs Iron Grenadier
Red Spot vs Cobra Coils
Wide Scope vs Cobra BAT v3.2
Spy-Troops Figures Wave 4-5
Agent Faces + Zartan
Cobra Alley Viper + Cobra Viper
Cobra BAT + Cobra Commander
Cross Hair + Nunchuck
Desert Cobra CLAWS + Sand Viper
Duke + Pit Viper
Gung Ho + Zarana
Halo Jumper + Tele-Viper
Heavy Duty + Heavy Water
Roadblock + Wild Bill
Sgt. Airborne + Tele-Viper
Switch Gears + Cobra Commander
Viper Commander + Neo Viper
Wide Scope + Cobra BAT v3
Spy-Troops Figures with Mission Disc Set 1
Cobra Commander (with CD - Mission Disc 3 of 3)
Duke (with CD - Mission Disc 1 of 3)
Dusty (with CD - Mission Disc 2 of 3)
Shipwreck (with CD - Mission Disc 1 of 3)
Snake Eyes (with CD - Mission Disc 2 of 3)
Zartan (with CD - Mission Disc 3 of 3)
Spy-Troops Figures with Mission Disc Set 2
BeachHead (with CD - Mission Disc 1 of 3)
Dr Mindbender (with CD - Mission Disc 2 of 3)
Firefly (with CD - Mission Disc 2 of 3)
Recondo (with CD - Mission Disc 1 of 3)
Roadblock (with CD - Mission Disc 3 of 3)
Wild Bill (with CD - Mission Disc 3 of 3)
Spy-Troops Playset
Conquest of Cobra Mountain + Shipwreck
Spy-Troops Vehicles - Boxed
AWE. Striker + Dial-Tone (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Cobra CAT II + Crimson Guard Immortal
Cobra Ringneck + Neo-Viper
Conquest X-30 + Slip Stream (TRU Exclusive)
Crimson Command Copter + Tomax + Xamot
Desert Hopper
HISS IIb (Blue Convention Excl)
Hoverstrike with Mirage
Mobile Assault
Mobile Command Center with Leatherneck
MUV (Remote Controlled) + Beachhead
Night Attack Chopper (Desert)
Operation Anaconda Submarine (Blue Conv Excl)
Patriot Grizzly Tank
Sky Sweeper Jet
Smoke Screen Transport
Snow Cat + Frostbite (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Split Fire + Rampage
Spy-Troops Vehicles - Carded
Battle Blitz with Grunt
Battle Blitz with Grunt (repaint)
Cobra Tread Fire (red repaint) + Cobra Coils
Cobra Tread Fire + Cobra Coils
Cobra Venom Cycle (red repaint) + Cobra Viper
Cobra Venom Cycle + Cobra Viper
Desert Coyote with Double Clutch
Missile Storm Copter with Wild Bill
Polar Blast with Snow Serpent
Road Rebel with Big Ben
Story synopsis
Synopsis for GIJoe 2003 (Spy Troops)    
GI Joe is the code name for America's daring, highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra, an evil organization determined to rule the world. The GI Joe team is made up of experts in different disciplines, and they fight for freedom wherever there's trouble - on the land, on the sea or in the air. The GI Joe Team must be ever vigilant to stop the evil plans of Cobra!
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