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Little Hamsters - Big Adventures
Assortments (4)
Figure with Compact
Figures in 2-packs
Ham-Ham Charms
Figure with Compact
Happy Hangout + Hamtaro
Princess Parlor + Bijou Ham-Ham
Figures in 2-packs
Bijou Ham-Ham + Howdy Ham-Ham
Bijou Ham-Ham + Snoozer Ham-Ham
Cappy Ham-Ham + Dexter Ham-Ham
Hamtaro Ham-Ham + Oxnard Ham-Ham
Hamtaro Ham-Ham + Panda Ham-Ham
Pashmina Ham-Ham + Jingle Ham-Ham
Pehelope Ham-Ham + Maxwell Ham-Ham
Sandy Ham-Ham + Pashmina Ham-Ham
Ham-Ham Charms
Bijou/Pashmina Charms
Hamtaro/dexter Charms
Howdy/Penelope Charms
Bijou's Bedroom
Ham-Ham house
Hamtaro's Hideaway
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Hamtaro    
The cute and cuddly pet of fifth-grader Laura, Hamtaro is a golden hamster with an insatiable curiosity. Together with the Ham-Ham Friends, a unique bunch of hamsters as clever and unique as Hamtaro himself, Hamtaro lives each day as a whole new adventure... complete with fun, excitement, and friendship.
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