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Toddle Tots
ManufacturerLittle Tikes
Assortments (4)
Individual Figures, New Style, Loose
Vehicles with Tot(s)
Vehicles with Tot(s) - new figures
Individual Figures, New Style, Loose
Astronaut (white)
Astronaut (yellow)
Boy in red sweatshirt
Dirt Digger
Female School-Crossing Guard with Stop Sign
Fireman (from Rescue Train)
Fireman Frank
Fireman Ike
Girl Holding a Yellow Book
Hiking Hannah
Jack, Farmer in blue overalls
Little Girl (pale green shirt)
Marching Band Trumpet Player (ethnic)
Max (from Dump Truck)
Max (light blue pants)
Policeman - ethnic (from Rescue Train)
Racing Champion
Reggie (from Dump Truck)
Sailor Boy
Stone Age Man with Bone
Surgeon (from Rescue Train)
Tea Party Maggie
Train Engineer in Blue Overalls
Worker with green cap
Worker with orange cap
Noah's Ark
Vehicles with Tot(s)
Big Truck
Dump Truck - large, 2 figures
Dump Truck - small, 1 figure
Fire Truck with ladder
Flat Bed Truck - large, 2 figures
Hay Ride Truck
Sanitation Truck
Tank Truck
Tow Truck
Tug Boat, small
Up'n Down Truck
Vehicles with Tot(s) - new figures
Choo Choo Zoo Train
Dirt Digger's Dump Truck
Dump Truck - 2 figures
Farm Train
Fire Truck + Frank + Ike + dog
Rescue Train
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