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ManufacturerJoyride Studios
Assortments (9)
3" Figures in 2-packs
3" Figures in 5-packs
Figures Exclusives
Figures Series 1
Figures Series 2
Figures Series 3
Figures Series 4
Figures Series 5
3" Figures in 2-packs
Mini Series 1 Campaign (MChief + Jackal)
Mini Series 1 Slayer (red + blue Spartans)
Mini Series 2 Campaign (MChief + Grunt)
Mini Series 2 Slayer Battle Pack (Master Chiefs)
3" Figures in 5-packs
Mini Series 1 Campaign 5-pack
Mini Series 1 Slayer 5-pack
Mini Series 2 Campaign 5-pack
Mini Series 2 Slayer 5-pack
Figures Exclusives
Active Camouflage Master Chief (promo)
Elite - Active Camouflage Covenant (GameCrazy)
Master Chief - Battle Damaged (black) Toy Wiz
Master Chief - Battle Damaged (cobalt) Gamestop
Master Chief - Battle Damaged (green) Gamestop
Master Chief - Battle Damaged (red) Gamestop
Master Chief (cobalt) EB Games
Figures Series 1
Master Chief
Figures Series 2
Elite - Covenant (blue)
Master Chief (Green)
Master Chief (Red)
Figures Series 3
Master Chief - Blue
Sergeant Johnson
UNSC Marine 1 w/Assault Rifle
UNSC Marine 2 w/Sniper Rifle
Figures Series 4
Elite (red)
Grunt (yellow)
Master Chief (White) with Flamethrower
Warthog W/ Rocket Launcher
Figures Series 5
Elite (Gold Covenant with Energy Sword)
Grunt (Red)
Master Chief - Black
Weapon Pack
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