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Assortments (3)
2003 Figures - Repaints - No DVD
2004 Figures - 8 inch
OVA Figures with DVD
2003 Figures - Repaints - No DVD
01 -Deunan Knute - Silver Gasium Suit
02 -Deunan Knute - Red ORC
03 - Briareos
2004 Figures - 8 inch
OVA Figures with DVD
01 -Deunan Knute - Light ESWAT armor
02 -Deunan Knute - Heavy ESWAT armor
03 - Briareos
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Appleseed    
After the devastation of World War III, the scattered governments of the world construct the perfect city administered by perfect Biodroids - artificially created half-human half-robots. Life in Olympus is carefully controlled and monitored - and some of its human population have had enough. A dedicated band of terrorists plot to destroy Gaia, the central computer, and restore freedom to mankind. Appleseed takes us into the explosive world of the Extra Special Weapons and Tactics Squad of the Olympus Police Force, as they battle against those who would destory their utopia.
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