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ManufacturerWow Wee Toys
Assortments (1)
XD.04 B.I.O-Acceleraider
XP.01 B.I.O-Predator (red)
XS.02 B.I.O-Stomper (blue)
XT.03 B.I.O-Destroyer (green)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for B.I.O-BUGS    
B.I.O-Bugs are Bio-mechanical Integrated Organisms, a new breed of artificial intelligence! Take command of the B.I.O-Bugs using the hand controller or just leave them to roam independently and discover their new environment! The longer a B.I.O-Bug stays alive, the more they learn from exploration and interaction! Let your B.I.O-Bugs roam free and be a part of a Revolution in Evolution!
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