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GIJoe 2003 (Valor vs Venom)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (3)
Valor vs Venom Figures, 2-packs
Valor vs Venom Figures, Multi-pack
Valor vs Venom Vehicles
Valor vs Venom Figures, 2-packs
Alley Viper II vs Cobra Viper
Duke vs Cobra Commander
Duke vs Iron Grenadier (Walmart Excl)
Gung-Ho vs Neo-Viper (Walmart Excl)
Heavy Duty vs Razorclaw
Hi-Tech vs Dr Mindbender
Roadblock vs Cobra CLAWS (Walmart Excl)
Scarlet vs Sand Scorpion
Snake eyes vs Storm Shadow
Valor vs Venom Figures, Multi-pack
Cobra Infantry Forces (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Valor vs Venom Vehicles
APC Transport + 3 Cobra BATs
Night Adder + Wild Weasel
Piranha Attack Boat + Shipwreck
Tiger Storm Copter + Wild Bill + Recondo + Sand V
Tigerhawk + Ace
Venom Striker + Cobra CLAWS
Story synopsis
Synopsis for GIJoe 2003 (Valor vs Venom)    
GI Joe is the code name for America's daring, highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra, an evil organization determined to rule the world. The GI Joe team is made up of experts in different disciplines, and they fight for freedom wherever there's trouble - on the land, on the sea or in the air. The GI Joe Team must be ever vigilant to stop the evil plans of Cobra!
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