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Knights of the Zodiac
Assortments (4)
Figures 5 inch
Figures 5 inch Black Set
Figures 8 inch Deluxe
Figures 8 inch Deluxe, 2nd set
Figures 5 inch
Andromeda Shun
Dragon Shiryu
Pegasus Seiya
Phoenix Ikki
Swan Hyoga
Figures 5 inch Black Set
Black Andromeda
Black Dragon
Black Pegasus
Black Phoenix
Black Swan
Gold Robot (build-a-figure)
Figures 8 inch Deluxe
Deluxe Dragon Shiryu
Deluxe Pegasus Seiya
Deluxe Phoenix Ikki
Figures 8 inch Deluxe, 2nd set
Deluxe Andromeda Shun
Deluxe Seiya in Sagittarius Cloth
Deluxe Swan Hyoga
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Knights of the Zodiac    
Knights of the Zodiac or (as most of us know it) Saint Seiya was created by the Great Masami Kurumada. It is a fast-paced, futuristic action-adventure series which pits the forces of good against evil as the Knights of Athena battle the Knights of Ares for control of the sacred Golden Cloth of Sagittarius... and the world. Each knight wears one of three colored cloths: gold, silver or bronze. Each color cloth represents their years of hard training.
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