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ManufacturerMezco Toyz
Assortments (4)
Figures 7 inch
Figures 9 inch - Talking in Tube
Figures 10 inch
Statues and Busts

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Figures 7 inch
The Fall
The Player (blue suit)
The Player (blue suit, open mouth)
The Player (white jacket, growling-face)
The Player (white suit)
Tony Montana (black suit) LE504
Tony Montana (black suit, bloody, angry) LE504
Tony Montana (white jacket + red shirt) LE504
Figures 9 inch - Talking in Tube
Talking Tony in Black Suit
Talking Tony in White Suit
Figures 10 inch
The Enforcer (Black suit) Tower Records Excl
The Enforcer (Blue Suit)
The Enforcer (Blue Suit) open-mouth
The Enforcer (Blue Suit) Bloody & open-mouth
The Enforcer (Blue Suit) Talking
The Player (Gold)
The Player (White Suit)
The Player (White Suit) Talking
The Rise (Broken Arm)
The Rise (Broken Arm) (angry open mouth)
The Runner (Hawaiian Shirt)
The Runner (Hawaiian Shirt) (bloody & open mouth)
Statues and Busts
Scarface Mini Bust
World Is Yours 10 inch Replica Statue
World Is Yours 5 inch Mini Replica
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Scarface    
Considered the ultimate gangster film, an unforgettable portrayal of money, power and extravagance, Scarface features Al Pacinos classic performance as ruthless Tony Montana. First released to theaters in 1983, this gripping crime epic transcends generations and continues to influence popular culture today.
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