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Street Fighter
ManufacturerSOTA (State Of The Art) Toys
Assortments (10)
1/6 scale Resin Statues
10" Rotocast Figures
Figures 2-packs
Figures Exclusives - Gouken
Figures Preview Series Boxed
Figures Series 1
Figures Series 2
Figures Series 3
Figures Series 4
Revolution Series
1/6 scale Resin Statues
Ibuki Statue
Ken Masters 12 inch
Ryu Statue
Sagat Statue
10" Rotocast Figures
10" Evil Ryu
10" Ryu
10" Sagat
10" Sagat (orange)
10" Sagat (orange) Japan Excl
Figures 2-packs
Evil Ryu vs Psycho Bison (Comic Con Exclusive)
Ryu vs Sagat
Figures Exclusives - Gouken
Gouken (Battle Cry) (SDCC)
Gouken (Clear) SDCC/Toyrocket
Gouken (Final Battle) (Toyrocket) battle-worn
Gouken (orange)
Figures Preview Series Boxed
Dan Hibiki (2007 Excl)
Ken Masters PREVIEW
Ryu (white kimono) PREVIEW
Figures Series 1
Chun Li
Chun Li (pink outfit)
Chun Li (Turquoise outfit) (1 per case)
Evil Ryu (black kimono)
Evil Ryu (japanese)
M. Bison
M. Bison (white outfit)
Ryu (black kimono + lightning) SDCC Excl
Ryu (grey kimono)
Ryu (white kimono)
Sagat (blue trunks)
Sagat (orange trunks)
Sodom (grey/green)
Figures Series 2
Blanka (Glow-in-the-dark Green)
Blanka (Translucent Green)
Blanka (Translucent Green) Japan
Blanka (Yellow)
Cammy (Blue Excl)
Cammy (Cannon Spike Cammy) LE1500 (with guns)
Cammy (green)
Cammy (pink)
Ken (brown) Gamestop Excl
Ken (Purple excl)
Ken (red)
Ken (white)
Ken (Yellow excl)
T Hawk (blue)
T Hawk (Green)
T Hawk (White)
Vega (Black excl)
Vega (Green) Japan
Vega (Green, with unmasked licking Head)
Figures Series 3
Adon (black trunks)
Adon (blue trunks red trim)
Adon (blue trunks yellow trim)
Adon (purple trunks) (Gamestop Excl)
Adon (red trunks)
Balrog (blue trunks)
Balrog (dark grey)
Balrog (red)
Balrog (yellow)
Gen (blue robe)
Gen (olive robe)
Gen (purple robe)
Gen (red robe)
Guile (All-American Guile) LE1500
Guile (blue pants)
Guile (brown pants)
Guile (tan pants)
Sakura (black skirt) (Gamestop Excl)
Sakura (green skirt)
Sakura (orange skirt)
Sakura (red skirt)
Figures Series 4
Akuma (black kimono)
Akuma (cream kimono)
Akuma (navy kimono)
Akuma (purple kimono)
Akuma (red kimono)
Birdie (grey)
Birdie (transluscent red) Excl
Fei Long (black pants)
Fei Long (blue pants)
Fei Long (red pants)
Fei Long (yellow pants)
Ibuki (black)
Ibuki (red)
Ibuki (white)
Remy (black pants white hair)
Remy (green hair red pants)
Remy (green pants yellow hair)
Remy (khaki pants blue hair)
Remy (white pants blue hair)
Revolution Series
Dhalsin (blue skin)
Dhalsin vs E Honda
E Honda
E Honda (yellow red wrap)
Mika (blue)
R Mika vs Zangief
Zangief (black variant)
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