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Action Man
Assortments (24)
1966 Action Men
1966 Action Pilot Sets (blue)
1966 Action Sailor Sets (blue-green)
1966 Action Soldier Sets (tan)
1967-69 Oufits and Equipment Sets
1970-1980s Outfits
Access: Quartermasters Stores
Access: Quartermasters Uniforms
Accessories: Armoury
Equipment Center (mid-70s)
Equipment Center: Heavy Machine Guns
Equipment Center: Light Machine Guns
Equipment Center: Small Arms
Space Ranger Accessories
Space Ranger Vehicles
Space Rangers and Aliens
Sports: Figures
Sports: Outfits
Sports: Vehicles
Vehicles and Playsets
Western: Figures and Outfits
Western: Horse
1966 Action Men
Action Pilot (1966)
Action Sailor (1966)
Action Soldier (1966)
1966 Action Pilot Sets (blue)
Air Police Set (Carded) (1966)
Communications Set (Carded) (1966)
Scrambe Air Vest and Accessories (Carded) (1966)
Scrambe Crash Helmet (Carded) (1966)
Scrambe Parachute Set (Carded) (1966)
Scramble Set (1966)
Survival Set (yellow raft) (1969)
1966 Action Sailor Sets (blue-green)
Navy Attack Helmet Set (carded) (1966)
Navy Attack Life Jacket (Carded) (1966)
Navy Attack Set (1966)
Navy Dress Parade (Carded) (1966)
Navy Frogman Accessories (Carded) (1966)
Navy Frogman Air Cylinders (carded) (1966)
Navy Frogman Bottom (carded) (1966)
Navy Frogman Set - Underwater Demolition (1966)
Navy Frogman Top (carded) (1966)
Navy Machine Gun (Carded) (1966)
Sea Rescue Set (1966)
1966 Action Soldier Sets (tan)
Army Medic Set (1966)
Beahhead Assault Flamethrower (carded) (1966)
Beahhead Assault Jungle Pants (carded) (1966)
Beahhead Assault Jungle Tunic (carded) (1966)
Bivouac DeLuxe Pup Tent Set (1966)
Bivouac Machine Gun Set (carded) (1966)
Bivouac Sleeping Bag Set (1966)
Bivouac Sleeping Bag Set (carded) (1966)
Combat Camouflage Netting Set (carded) (1966)
Combat Field Jacket Set (1966)
Combat Field Pack Set (1966)
Combat Field Pack Set (carded) (1966)
Combat Helmet Set (carded) (1966)
Combat Mess Tin Set (carded) (1966)
Combat Paratrooper Parachute Pack Set (1966)
Combat Rifle Set (carded) (1966)
Combat Sandbags Set (carded) (1966)
Command Post Cape Set (1966)
Command Post Cape Set (carded) (1966)
Command Post Field Radio + Telephone Set (carded)
Command Post Sidearms Set (carded) (1966)
First-Aid Set (carded) (1966)
Medic Accessories (carded) (1966)
Military Police Set (1966)
Mountain Troops Set (1966)
MP Helmet and Small Arms Set (carded) (1966)
MP Kit Bag Set (carded) (1966)
MP Trousers Set (carded) (1966)
MP Tunic Set (carded) (1966)
Paratrooper Small Arms Set (carded) (1966)
Ski Patrol Set (1966)
Ski Patrol Set (carded) (1966)
1967-69 Oufits and Equipment Sets
American Green Beret (1967)
American Green Beret Equipment (carded) (1967)
American Green Beret Uniform (carded) (1967)
Anorak (blue) (carded) (1969)
Armoured Car Commander (1969)
Australian Jungle Fighter Equip (carded) (1967)
Australian Jungle Fighter Set (1967)
Australian Jungle Fighter Uniform (carded) (1967)
Base Camp Accessories (carded) (1969)
Base Camp Set (1969)
Bazooka (carded) (1969)
Breeches Buoy Set (1969)
British Gear (carded) (1969)
British Infantryman Equipment (carded) (1967)
British Infantryman Set (1967)
British Infantryman Uniform (carded) (1967)
British Uniform (carded) (1969)
Bunk Bed (carded) (1969)
Combat Engineer
Construction Engineer
Crash Crew Set (1969)
Cricketer Set (1969)
Deep Sea Diver Set (1969)
Footballer Set (1969)
French Gear (carded) (1969)
French Resistance Fighter Equip (carded) (1967)
French Resistance Fighter Set (1967)
French Resistance Fighter Set (1976)
French Resistance Fighter Uniform (carded) (1967)
French Uniform (carded) (1969)
Frogman Set (black) (1969)
German Gear (carded) (1969)
German Storm Trooper (carded) (1967)
German Storm Trooper Set (1967)
German Storm Trooper Set (1976)
German Storm Trooper Set (1978)
German Stormtrooper Equipment (carded) (1967)
German Uniform (carded) (1969)
Husky Dog and Harness (carded) (1969)
Infantry Support Weapons
Jungle Explorer Set (1969)
Landing Signal Officer
Machine Gun (carded) (1969)
Mortar (carded) (1969)
Mountaineer Accessories (carded) (1969)
Navy Fatigues (carded) (1969)
Olympic Champion Set (1969)
Pilot Fatigues (carded) (1969)
Polar Accessories (carded) (1969)
Polar Explorer Set (1969)
Red Devil Parachutist (Outfit w/ parachute) (1969)
Rifle Rack (carded) (1969)
Russian Infantryman Equipment (carded) (1967)
Russian Infantryman Set (1967)
Russian Infantryman Uniform (carded) (1967)
Sabotage Set (raft) (1969)
Sleeping Bag (carded) (1969)
Soldier Fatigues (carded) (1969)
Support Weapons (1969)
1970-1980s Outfits
17/21st Lancer Uniform
Astronaut Set
Battle of Britain Pilot Uniform
Blues and Royal Uniform
British Army Officer Uniform
British Infantryman Outfit
British Major Uniform
British MP Uniform
Camp Kommandant (Escape form Colditz)
Crash Crew (blue outfit)
Despatch Driver Outfit
Emergency: High Rescue 1
Emergency: High Rescue 2
Emergency: Highway Hazard 1
Emergency: Highway Hazard 2
Emergency: Underground Rescue 1
Emergency: Underground Rescue 2
Emergency: Underground Rescue 3
Escape Officer Outfit (Escape form Colditz)
Famous British Uniforms
Fireman Outfit
French Foreign Legion Equipment (carded)
French Foreign Legion Outfit Set
French Foreign Legion Uniform (carded)
Frogman Outfit (orange)
German Staff Officer
Grenadier Guard Uniform
Jungle Fighter Uniform
Medic Outfit 1
Medic Outfit 2
Mountain and Arctic Uniform
Mountain Rescue Outfit
Panzer Captain Outfit (1980)
Parachute Regiment, The (uniform)
RNLI Sea Rescue
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Uniform
Royal Engineers Uniform
Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Uniform
Royal Marines No 3 Uniform
Royal Military Police Uniform
SAS Outfit (1977)
Sky Diver (parachute)
Special Team Ground Assault (1978)
Staff Officer Uniform
Tank Commander Outfit
The Lifeguards Uniform
Underwater Explorer Outfit
US Machine Gunner Uniform
US Paratrooper (1978)
Access: Quartermasters Stores
Shovel + Axe + ...
Access: Quartermasters Uniforms
Uniform 1
Belt Feed Machine Gun
Brutus the Mascot (mail-away)
Field Radio Pack
Field Training Exercises (gear)
Jungle Accessories
Legion Equipment
Mine Detector
Rope Launcher
Royal Marines Exploration Team
Secret Mission to Dragon Island (Gear)
Special Mission Pod
Special Operations Kitbag
Special Operations Tent
Underwater Photo Gear
Workshop Accessories
Accessories: Armoury
Combat Division: Armoury
Special Operations: SAS Armoury 1
Special Operations: SAS Armoury 2
Special Operations: SAS Quartermasters Stores
Weapon 1
Equipment Center (mid-70s)
German Stormtrooper Jacket
Helicopter Coveralls
Small Arms: sword, pistol, rifle with scope
Tank Commander's Jacket
Tropical Service Jacket
Zip-Up Coveralls
Equipment Center: Heavy Machine Guns
Equipment Center: Light Machine Guns
Equipment Center: Small Arms
Small Arms: 2 guns, machine gun
Small Arms: big machine gun
Small Arms: gold machine gun, rifle
Small Arms: gun, holster, machine gun
Small Arms: rifle, flare rifle
Adventurer (Eagle Eyes)
Adventurer (Gripping Hands)
Adventurer (Realistic Hair) (1972)
Argyll & Sutherland Highlander (1972)
Atomic Man
Basic Figure - with Sharpshooter Head Position
Bullet Man
Commander (talks) (1969)
Commander (talks) (2nd version)
Desert Fighter
Field Commander
Frogman (1980)
Helicopter Pilot
Helicopter Pilot (Eagle Eyes)
Life Guard
Sailor (Eagle Eyes)
Sailor (Gripping Hands)
Sailor (Realistic Hair) (1972)
SAS Commander (1980)
SAS Key Figure
Soldier (Eagle Eyes)
Soldier (Gripping Hands)
Soldier (Realistic Hair) (1972)
Talking Commander (1968)
Talking Commander (Eagle Eyes)
Talking Commander (with gripping hands)
The Intruder
Tom Stone
Space Ranger Accessories
Battle Pack and Laser
Space Arms 1
Space Arms 2
Space Arms 3
Space Arms 4
Space Arms 5
Spacewalk and Helipack
Zargonite Outfit (1977)
Space Ranger Vehicles
Solar Hurricane
Space Speeder
Space Rangers and Aliens
Captain Zargon - Space Pirate
ROM - The Space Knight
Space Ranger Captain
Space Ranger Patroller
Talking Space Ranger Commander
Sports: Figures
Footballer (Sharpshooter Action)
Sports: Outfits
Liverpool Football Team Outfit
Manchester Football Team Outfit
Sharpshooter Outfit with Ball
Track Suit
Sports: Vehicles
Go Kart
Racing Car
Vehicles and Playsets
105mm Light Gun
Armoured Car
Assault Copter
Assault Craft
Capture Copter
Electronic Command Center
Escape from Colditz
Fire Tender Truck
German Motorcycle Combination
Horse (white blanket)
Infantry Support Jeep
Ironknight Tank
Jeep (1969)
Jeep, Armoured
Jungle Explorer Craft
Mobile Operations HQ
Mobile Operations HQ with Trailer
Motorcycle Combination
Multi-Terrain Vehicle
New Scout Car
Personnel Carrier (4 wheels) (1969)
Police Motorcycle
Pursuit Craft
SAS Beachhead Attack
Scorpion Tank
Sea Wolf
Sky Hawk (glider)
Sledge and Dog Team (1969)
Space Capsule (1969)
Space Capsule and Authentic Space Suit
Spartan Personnel Carrier
Team Control Center
Training Tower
Western: Figures and Outfits
7th Cavalry
Cowboy (Eagle Eyes)
Indian Brave (Eagle Eyes)
Indian Chief (1977)
Western: Horse
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Action Man    
1966 - Following GI Joe's huge popularity in the USA he is introduced in the UK as Action Man by Palitoy. An Action Soldier, Sailor and Pilot are available with some accesorry kits. These are essentially identical to their American counterparts.
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