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Barbie - by Bob Mackie
Assortments (3)
Fantasy Goddess
Jewel Essence Collection
1990 Gold Barbie
1991 Platinum Barbie
1991 Starlight Splendor
1992 Empress Bride
1992 Neptune Fantasy
1993 Masquerade Ball
1994 Queen Of Hearts
1995 Goddess Of The Sun
1996 Moon Goddess
1997 Madame Du Barbie
1999 The Tango
2001 Cher
2001 Lady Liberty
2001 The Charleston
2002 Radiant Redhead
2002 Sterling Silver Rose (aa)
2002 Sterling Silver Rose (asian)
2002 Sterling Silver Rose (white)
2003 Brunette Brilliance
2004 45th Anniversary Barbie (in black dress)
2004 45th Anniversary Barbie (in white dress)
2004 Diana Ross
Fantasy Goddess
Fantasy Goddess Of Africa 1998
Fantasy Goddess Of Asia 1998
Fantasy Goddess Of The Americas 2000
Fantasy Goddess Of The Artic 2001
Jewel Essence Collection
Amethyst Aura
Diamond Dazzle
Emerald Embers
Ruby Radiance
Sapphire Splendor
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