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Barbie - Collections
Assortments (39)
Artist Series
Ballroom Beauties Collection
Birds of Beauty
Birthstone Collection 2003 - middle part
Birthstone Collection 2004 - side part
Celestial Collection
Children's Collector Series
City Seasons Collection
Classic Ballet Series
Classical Goddess Collection
Classique Collection
Coca-Cola Fashions Classics
Coca-Cola Series
Collectors' Request Collection
Couture Collection
Designer Series
Diva Collection
Dolls of the World
Enchanted Seasons Series
Essence of Nature Collection
Fashion Model
Fashion Savvy
Flowers in Fashion
Grand Ole Opry
Great Eras
Great Fashions of the 20th Century Series
Harley Davidson Series
Hollywood Movie Star Collection
Masquerade Gala Collection
Millecent Roberts Collection
Royal Jewels Collection
Silkstone Collection - Fashion Model Dolls
Silkstone Collection - outfits
Society Style Collection 1996
Style Set Collection
Timeless Sentiments
Vintage Reproductions
Winter Princess Collection
Artist Series
Reflections of Light Barbie
Sunflower Barbie
Water Lily Barbie
Ballroom Beauties Collection
Midnight Waltz Barbie
Midnight Waltz Barbie (brunette)
Moonlight Waltz Barbie
Starlight Waltz Barbie
Starlight Waltz Barbie (brunette)
Birds of Beauty
The Flamingo 1999
The Peacock 1998
The Swan Barbie 2000
Birthstone Collection 2003 - middle part
01 January Garnet Barbie 2003 (blonde)
01 January Garnet Barbie 2003 AA
02 February Amethyst Barbie 2003
02 February Amethyst Barbie 2003 AA
03 March Aquamarine Barbie 2003 (blonde)
03 March Aquamarine Barbie 2003 AA
04 April Diamond Barbie 2003
04 April Diamond Barbie 2003 AA
05 May Emerald Barbie 2003
05 May Emerald Barbie AA 2003
06 June Pearl Barbie 2003
06 June Pearl Barbie 2003 AA
07 July Ruby Barbie 2003
07 July Ruby Barbie AA 2003
08 August Peridot Barbie 2003
08 August Peridot Barbie AA 2003
09 September Sapphire Barbie 2003
09 September Sapphire Barbie AA 2003
10 October Opal Barbie 2003
10 October Opal Barbie AA 2003
11 November Topaz Barbie 2003
11 November Topaz Barbie 2003 AA
12 December Turquoise Barbie 2003
12 December Turquoise Barbie AA 2003
Birthstone Collection 2004 - side part
01 January Garnet Barbie 2004
02 February Amethyst Barbie 2004
03 March Aquamarine Barbie 2004
04 April Diamond Barbie 2004
05 May Emerald Barbie 20043
06 June Pearl Barbie 2004
07 July Ruby Barbie 2004
08 August Peridot Barbie 2004
09 September Sapphire Barbie 2004
10 October Opal Barbie 2004
11 November Topaz Barbie 2004
12 December Turquoise Barbie 2004
Celestial Collection
Evening Star Princess
Midnight Moon Princess
Morning Sun Princess
Children's Collector Series
Beauty Barbie
Cinderella Barbie
Little Bo Peep Barbie
Rapunzel Barbie
Sleeping Beauty Barbie
Snow White Barbie
City Seasons Collection
Autumn in London 1999
Autumn in Paris 1999
Spring in Tokyo 1999
Summer in Rome 1999
Summer in San Francisco 1998
Winter in Montreal 1999
Winter in New York 1998
Classic Ballet Series
Flower Ballerina
Marzipan 1997
Peppermint Candy Cane
Sugar Plum Fairy 1997
Swan Ballerina
Swan Queen 1997
Swan Queen AA 1997
Classical Goddess Collection
Goddess of Beauty Barbie
Goddess of Spring Barbie
Goddess of Wisdom Barbie
Classique Collection
Benefit Ball Barbie 1992
City Style Barbie 1993
Evening Extravaganza Barbie Black 1994
Evening Extravaganza Barbie White 1994
Evening Sophisticate 1998
Midnight Gala Barbie 1995
Opening Night Barbie 1993
Romantic Interlude Barbie 1997
Romantic Interlude Barbie AA 1997
Starlight Dance Barbie 1996
Starlight Dance Barbie AA 1996
Uptown Chic Barbie 1994
Coca-Cola Fashions Classics
After the Walk Barbie
Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie
Summer Daydream Barbie
Coca-Cola Series
Coca-Cola Cheerleader Barbie
Coca-Cola Ken
Coca-Cola Majorette Barbie
Coca-Cola Sweetheart Barbie
Coca-Cola Waitress Barbie
Coca-Cola Waitress Barbie (brunette)
Collectors' Request Collection
Commuter Set Barbie
Gay Parisienne Barbie
Gold 'N Glamour Barbie
Sophisticated Lady Barbie
Suburban Shopper Barbie
Twist 'N Turn Smasheroo Barbie (brunette)
Twist 'N Turn Smasheroo Barbie (redhead)
Couture Collection
Portrait in Taffeta Barbie
Serenade in Satin Barbie
Symphony in Chiffon Barbie
Symphony in Chiffon Barbie AA
Designer Series
Armani Barbie
Bill Blass 1997
Burberry Barbie #2
Christian Dior Barbie
Escada Barbie
Evening Illusion Barbie
Givenchy Barbie
Hanae Mori Barbie
Nolan Miller - Evening Illusion
Nolan Miller 1998
Sheer Illusion Barbie
Todd Oldham 1999
Vera Wang 1998
Vera Wang Awards Night Barbie
Vera Wang Bride Barbie
Diva Collection
All That Glitters
Gone Platinum 2002
Gone Platinum 2002 AA
Red Hot 2003
Red Hot 2003 AA
Dolls of the World
Arctic Barbie 1997
Australian Barbie 1993
Austrian Barbie
Brazilian Barbie 1990
Canadian Barbie 1988
Chilean Barbie 1997
Chinese Barbie 1994
Czechoslovakian Barbie 1991
Dutch Barbie 1994
English Barbie 1991
Eskimo Barbie 1983
Eskimo Barbie 2nd Edition 1991
French Barbie 1997
German Barbie 1987
German Barbie 2nd Edition 1995
Ghanaian Barbie 1996
'Giftset: Dutch + Chinese + Kenyan 1994
'Giftset: Irish + German + Polynesian 1995
'Giftset: Japanese + Dutch + Indian 1996
Greek Barbie 1986
Icelandic Barbie 1987
India Barbie 1982
India Barbie 2nd Edition 1996
Irish Barbie 1984
Irish Barbie 2nd Edition 1995
Italian Barbie 1981
Italian Barbie 2nd Edition 1993
Jamaican Barbie 1992 (blue earings)
Jamaican Barbie 1992 (silver earings)
Japanese Barbie 1985
Japanese Barbie 2nd Edition 1996
Kenyan Barbie 1994
Korean Barbie 1988
Malaysian Barbie 1991
Mexican Barbie 1989
Mexican Barbie 2nd edition 1995
Moroccan Barbie 1999
Nigerian Barbie 1990
Norwegian Barbie - pink dress - 1995 LE3000
Norwegian Barbie 1995
Oriental Barbie (Hong Kong) 1980
Parisian Barbie (France) 1981
Parisian Barbie (France) Reissue 1991
Peruvian Barbie 1986
Peruvian Barbie 2nd edition 1998
Polish Barbie 1997
Polynesian Barbie 1995
Princess of Ancient Greece 2004
Princess of Ancient Mexico 2004
Princess of Cambodia 2004
Princess of China 2004
Princess of England 2004
Princess of Imperial Russia 2004
Princess of Japan 2004
Princess of South Africa 2004
Princess of the Danish Court 2004
Princess of the Korean Court 2004
Princess of the Navajo 2004
Princess of the Nile 2004
Princess of the Portuguese Empire 2004
Princess of the Vikings 2004
Puerto Rican Barbie 1997
Royal Barbie (England) 1980
Russian Barbie 1989
Russian Barbie 2nd Edition 1997
Scottish Barbie 1981
Scottish Barbie 2nd Edition 1991
Spanish Barbie 1983
Spanish Barbie 2nd Edition 1992
Swedish Barbie 1983
Swiss Barbie 1984
Thai Barbie 1997
Enchanted Seasons Series
Autumn Glory Barbie 1996
Snow Princess Barbie 1994 (blonde)
Snow Princess Barbie 1994 (brunette)
Spring Bouquet Barbie 1995
Summer Splendor Barbie 1997
Essence of Nature Collection
Dancing Fire Barbie
Water Rhapsody Barbie
Whispering Wind Barbie
Fashion Model
A Model Life Barbie
Delphine Barbie
Fashion Editor Barbie
In the Pink Barbie
Lingerie #6 Barbie
Lingerie Barbie (Blonde)
Lingerie Barbie (brunette)
Lisette Barbie
Ravishing in Rouge Barbie
Sunday Best Barbie
Fashion Savvy
Tangerine Twist
Uptown Chic 1998 AA
Flowers in Fashion
The Calla Lily
The Iris
The Orchid
The Rose
Grand Ole Opry
Country Duet 1999
Country Rose 1997
Rising Star 1998
Great Eras
1920s Flapper 1993
Chinese Empress 1997
Egyptian Queen 1994
Elizabethan Queen 1995
French Lady 1997
Gibson Girl 1993
Grecian Goddess 1996
Medieval Lady 1995
Southern Belle 1994
Victorian Lady 1996
Great Fashions of the 20th Century Series
Dance 'til Dawn Barbie
Fabulous Forties Barbie
Groovy Sixties Barbie
Nifty Fifties Barbie
Peace & Love 70s Barbie
Promenade in the Park Barbie
Steppin' Out Barbie
Harley Davidson Series
Harley Davidson Barbie #1
Harley Davidson Barbie #2
Harley Davidson Barbie #3
Harley Davidson Barbie #4
Harley Davidson Barbie #5
Harley Davidson Barbie #5 AA
Harley Davidson Ken #1
Harley Davidson Ken #2
Hollywood Movie Star Collection
Publicity Tour Barbie
Between Takes Barbie
Day in the Sun Barbie
Day in the Sun Barbie (brunette)
Hollywood Cast Party Barbie
Hollywood Premier Barbie
Masquerade Gala Collection
Illusion Barbie
Rendezvous Barbie
Venetian Opulence Barbie
Millecent Roberts Collection
City Slicker Fashion
Going to the Game Barbie Fashion
Green Thumb Fashion 1997
Matinee Today
Perfect Picnic Fashion
Perfectly Suited Barbie 1997
Picnic Perfect Barbie Fashion
Pinstripe Power Barbie Giftset
Snow So Chic Fashion 1998
Royal Jewels Collection
Countess of Rubies Barbie
Duchess of Diamonds Barbie
Empress of Emeralds Barbie
Queen of Sapphires Barbie
Silkstone Collection - Fashion Model Dolls
A Model Life Giftset 2003
Capucine Barbie 2003
Continental Holiday Giftset 2002
Delphine Barbie
Dusk To Dawn Gift Set 2001
Fashion Designer Barbie 2002
Fashion Insider Ken Giftset 2003
In the Pink Barbie 2001
Joyeux (FAO Excl)
Lingerie Barbie #1
Lingerie Barbie #2 2002 Brunette White Lingerie
Lingerie Barbie #3 2002 Brunette Black Lingerie
Lingerie Barbie #4 blonde
Lingerie Barbie #5 2002 AA
Lingerie Barbie #6 2003 redhead
Maria Therese Barbie 2002
Provencale Barbie 2002
Sunday Best Barbie 2003
Silkstone Collection - outfits
- Accessory Pack 2002
- Wardrobe 2003
Black Enchantment Fashion 2001
Blush Becomes Her Fashion 2001
Boulevard Fashion 2001
Country Bound Fashion 2002
Lingerie Barbie #3 2001
Midnight Mischief Fashion 2003
New England Escape
Ravishing in Rouge Barbie
Society Style Collection 1996
Emerald Enchantment Barbie 1997 TRU Excl
Radiant Rose Barbie 1996 TRU Excl
Sapphire Dream Barbie 1995 TRU Excl
Style Set Collection
Bohemian Glamour Barbie 2003
Exotic Beauty Barbie 2003
Society Girl Barbie
Timeless Sentiments
Angel of Joy 1998
Angel of Joy AA 1998
Angel of Peace 1999
Angel of Peace AA 1999
Vintage Reproductions
35th Anniversary (blonde) 1994
35th Anniversary (brunette) 1994
Enchanted Evening (blonde) 1996
Enchanted Evening (brunette) 1996
Silken Flame (blonde) 1998
Silken Flame (brunette) 1998
Solo in the Spotlight (blonde) 1995
Solo in the Spotlight (brunette) 1995
Wedding Day (blonde) 1997
Wedding Day (brunette) 1997
Winter Princess Collection
Evergreen Princess
Evergreen Princess (redhead)
Jewel Princess
Jewel Princess (brunette)
Midnight Princess
Midnight Princess (brunette)
Peppermint Princess
Winter Princess
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