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Fantastic Four (2005 Movie)
ManufacturerToy Biz
Assortments (12)
Figures 6 inch Series 1
Figures 6 inch Series 2
Figures 6 inch Series 3
Figures 6 inch Series 4
Figures 6 inch Series 5
Figures 6 inch Series 6
Figures12 inch Rotocast
Oversize Figures
Role-Play Items
Vehicles - Bump'n Go
Wacky Wall Crawlers
Figures 6 inch Series 1
Flame-On Human Torch
Mr Fantastic
Power Blast Invisible Woman (blue suit)
Power Blast Invisible Woman (clear)
Power Blast Invisible Woman (disappearing legs)
Stomp'N Clobber Thing
Figures 6 inch Series 2
Clobber'N Crush Thing
Electric Power Dr Doom
Flying Human Torch
Shape-Shifting Mr Fantastic
Figures 6 inch Series 3
Clobberin' Time Thing
Power Blast Invisible Woman
Power Blast Invisible Woman (clear)
Raging Thing
Snowboarding Human Torch
Two-Faced Dr Doom
Figures 6 inch Series 4
Astronaut Ben Grimm
Dr Doom
Light-Up Human Torch
Mr Fantastic with Spring Attack Action
Figures 6 inch Series 5
Electro-Shock Dr. Doom
Fire Blast Human Torch
Power Punch Thing
Rubberized Mr. Fantastic
Smash Attack Doombot
Figures 6 inch Series 6
Combo Punch Thing
Extreme Human Torch
Flying Annihulus
Mr. Fantastic
Figures12 inch Rotocast
Dr Doom 12"
Human Torch (blue suit) 12"
Human Torch (clear orange) 12"
Human Torch (orange) + Dr Doom 12"
Invisible Woman (blue suit) 12"
Invisible Woman (clear) 12"
Mr Fantastic 12"
The Thing 12"
Oversize Figures
Clobberin' Time Thing 13"
Electronic Tuff Talkin' Thing 14"
Light Up Flying Human Torch (Boxed)
Super Stretch Mr Fantastic 14"
The Thing 26 inch Poseable Figure
Role-Play Items
Electronic Human Torch Dress-Up Set
Electronic Thing Feet
Electronic Thing Hands
Mr Fantastic Stretch & Grab Arm
The Thing Dress-Up Set
Human Torch Motorcycle + Figure
The Thing Hot Rod + Figure
Vehicles - Bump'n Go
Human Torch ATV
Human Torch Bump & Go Flame Cycle
Human Torch Street Bike
Thing Bump & Go Rock Cycle
Thing Motorcycle
Wacky Wall Crawlers
Spring Mr Fantastic
Stretch Mr Fantastic
Story synopsis
Fantastic 4    
Long awaited, long anticipated, the movie millions of Marvel fans have been waiting for is finally arriving: The Fantastic 4 opens in movie theaters across the globe on July 8th 2005. Starring Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Julian McMahon, and directed by Tim Story, Fantastic 4 is on course to become another classic Marvel blockbuster. Finding themselves with superhuman powers after an ill-fated space mission, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Woman and Human Torch are forever bound together by their fate. Working as a team, these Fantastic 4 use science, intellect and their new powers for the benefit of the human race – and to stop the diabolical Dr. Doom in his tracks. Befitting the ironic past and newfound cinematic fame of the Fantastic 4, master toy licensee Toy Biz Worldwide has pulled out all the stops to create action figures and sets that are among the most spectacular ever offered. In addition, there will be an extensive variety of innovative Fantastic 4 role-play toys and accessories that will leave moviegoers of all ages thrilled by the choices available to relive all the magic at home.
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