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ManufacturerToy Biz
Assortments (3)
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 1
Dock Ock
Series 2
Captain America
Ghost Rider
Series 3
Iron Man
Story synopsis
Mega Morphs    
Mega Morphs. Next generation Super Hero Assault-Bots meant to end crime and herald the dawn of a peaceful planet. But there's one big hurdle standing in the way of the goal… Developed by the mastermind behind Iron Man's armor, Tony Stark, Mega Morphs are towering metal Assault-Bots that transform into attack vehicles. Only the super hero that the Mega Morph was built for can unlock its unique battle features. But the maniacal Doc Ock stole Tony's designs and used them to build his own Mega Morph to help him devise some type of terrible secret weapon. Gathering some of the strongest super heroes in the universe, Stark intends to equip the assembled team with their own Mega Morphs to stop Doc Ock in his tracks. Can this battle be won? Only time will tell!
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