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Davey and Goliath
ManufacturerMajestic Studios
Assortments (1)
Figures 7 inch in 2-packs
Figures 7 inch in 2-packs
Davey & Sitting Goliath
Davey & Standing Goliath
Elaine & Sally
John & Davey
Story synopsis
From the Manufacturer    
Every child of the 60's and 70's remembers Davey and Goliath, the stop-motion animated series with a moral and a talking-dog. In Feb. 2002, our prayers were answered when Davey and Goliath came back to TV in the 30 second "No-can-dew" Mountain Dew commercials. For its time, Davey was a progressive series. In the charged era of school busing and desegregation, Davey's best friend was Jonathan Reed, a black boy. And our hero dealt with dicey issues like guns. In the 21st century, Davey will now wrestle with alcohol and drugs, violence, even terrorism. Women, not a big part of the original series, will have a higher profile. The basic message of God's love for children won't change. Goliath, the dog who only Davey can hear, will still act as his conscience and moral compass.
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