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ManufacturerMax Factory / Max Watanabe
Assortments (6)
1990s Kits
1990s Pre-Painted Kit
Bio Fighter Collection - Action Figures
Bio Fighter Wars BFW EX PVC Figures
Bio Fighter Wars Figures 2-packs
Collect 500/600 Trading Figures
1990s Kits
Guyver (Movie Version) Kit
Guyver I Kit
Guyver II (Female type) Kit
Guyver II (Head Only) Kit
Guyver III Kit 1/6
Guyver Zoanoid KIT 1/8
1990s Pre-Painted Kit
Aptom II - Pre-painted Kit
Aptom IV - Pre-painted Kit
Aptom V - Pre-painted Kit
Darzerb - Pre-painted Kit
Elegen - Pre-painted Kit
Enzyme - Pre-painted Kit
Enzyme II - Pre-painted Kit
Gigantic Dark - Pre-painted Kit
Gigantic Guyver - Pre-painted Kit
Gregor - Pre-painted Kit
Guster - Pre-painted Kit
Guyver I - Pre-painted Kit
Guyver II - Pre-painted Kit
Guyver III - Pre-painted Kit
Guyver Zero - Pre-painted Kit
Gyuo - Pre-painted Kit
Kronos Combat Engineers Set - Pre-painted Kit
Murakami - Pre-painted Kit
Neo Zector - Pre-painted Kit
Ramochiss - Pre-painted Kit
Vamor - Pre-painted Kit
Zankurs - Pre-painted Kit
Zector - Pre-painted Kit
Zector ("Full Open" Mode) - Pre-painted Kit
Zerbubus - Pre-painted Kit
Bio Fighter Collection - Action Figures
01 -Guyver III
02 - Aptom - Full Blast (Ver IV)
03 - Murakami
04 - Guyver II
05 - Guyver I
05+ - Guyver I - Image Head Plus
06 - Zx-Tole
07 - Zoalord Gyuot
08 - Neo Zx-Tole
09 - Gigantic Dark
10 - Guyver Gigantic
11 - Pluqstahl
Bio Fighter Wars BFW EX PVC Figures
Evil Aptom
Bio Fighter Wars Figures 2-packs
Elegen & Zankurs (2 pieces Set)
Enzyme II & Experiment Type (2 pieces Set)
Guster & Darzerb (2 pieces Set)
Vamore and Panadyne (2 pieces Set)
Zencrebe & Ramotith (2 pieces Set)
Zerbubus & Gargoyle (2 pieces Set)
Collect 500/600 Trading Figures
Collect 500 Guyver Bioboosted Armor #01 10 pcs
Collect 600 Guyver Bioboosted Armor #02 10-pcs
Story synopsis
The Story So Far...    
The Guyver is a manga, and was also turned into an anime, and later two live action movies. The Guyver is the name for a sentient humanoid being who is enhanced by a symbiotic (possibly techno-organic) creature/device that is called a Guyver Unit while dormant.Guyver units were originally discovered by the Kronos Corporation, that was involved in an archeological dig that resulted in finding a derelict alien spaceship. Kronos is governed by "Zoalords", telepathic entities who have the ability to quickly mutate into powerful beings that can fly, fire energy weapons, and have a variety of other abilities. Kronos developed a way to bio-engineered humans with the ability to Transmutate, which is to say, shape shift into a large monster like creature. Regular Zoanoids have only one form they can shift to, and are engineered for a variety of purposes. Larger, more muscular Zoanoids are designed for brutal melee attacks, while bio-blaster type Zoanoids are designed to fire chemical lasers or acid blasts from a distance, and do not have as advanced muscle tissue.Not all human test subjects submit willingly to these experiments, and one such test creature "Malmot" escapes with the only three known Guyver Units. He is ambushed by a Kronos taskforce, and in the ensuing battle, he detonates an explosive, scattering the Guyver Units across a forest.Sho Fukamachi (sic) is a teenage male who happens across one such unit, which violently bonds with him upon contact. The resulting life form is superior in strength and firepower to regular production Zoanoids, as is proven in a smaller skirmish between Sho, aka Guyver 1, and Gregole and Vamore class Zoanoids. This "Bio-booster armor" which the Guyver symbiosis is later known as, can retract into what is believe to be an alternate dimension, allowing the host creature to go about the world in normal form. Calling the word Guyver, or being in a state of mortal danger, can activate the armor, which creates a destructive blast field around the host while it forms around him.The Guyvers have approximately the strength of 100 times the hosts normal power, when used with an un-augmented human host, and has several weapons and abilities. A large, chest mounted pair of organs, called "mega-smashers" are essentially particle cannons, and is the heaviest Guyver weapon known. The pressure cannon, and pressure shield are made by the Gravity Orb located in the waist of the Guyver, and are used by compressing air into ultra dense orbs (or shields). The Gravity orb also allows the Guyver to hover, or even fly. There is also a forehead mounted infrared laser beam weapon, which can fire accurate narrow beams which are able to cut through steel I-beams. Mounted on each forearm is a Frequency Sword, a slightly polymorphic blade which resonates at the molecular frequency of the material it is nearest too, enabling it to cut through nearly all substances. Currently only other frequency blades (used by some Hyper-Zoanoid types) have proved able to counter this weapon.Guyvers also posses extra-sensory orbs, which can alert the Guyver to danger, or other information, through some walls, and from other angles, including directly behind them.
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