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South Park
ManufacturerMezco Toyz
Assortments (9)
Boxed Deluxe Figures
Boxed Sets (multipacks)
Series 1 Figures
Series 2 Figures
Series 3 Figures
Series 4 Figures
Series 5 Figures
Series 6 Figures

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Boxed Deluxe Figures
Deluxe 11 inch Cartman with Clyde Frog plush
Deluxe Talking 6 inch Cartman
Deluxe Talking Mr Hankey
Deluxe Talking Towelie
Police Officer Cartman
Boxed Sets (multipacks)
Collector Set 4-pack
South Park Fingerbang boy band
Beefcake cartman Toyfare Exclusive
Professor Chaos 2007 Con Exclusive
Series 1 Figures
Big Gay Al
Cartman (angry)
Cartman (sad)
Hip Hop Cartman
Hip Hop Cartman (eyes closed)
Officer Barbrady
Series 2 Figures
Kyle (frown)
Kyle (open mouth)
Kyle (smile)
Kyle with Afro
Kyle with dirty cheek
Mr. Garrison
Mr. Garrison (open mouth)
Mr. Hankey (o-mouth)
Mr. Hankey (smiling)
Mr. Hankey (worried)
Stan (mouth closed)
Stan (o-mouth frowning)
Stan (o-mouth raised-eyebrows)
Stan (smiling)
Token (mouth closed)
Token (mouth open)
Tooth Fairy Cartman (mouth closed)
Tooth Fairy Cartman (mouth open)
Series 3 Figures
Butters (smile)
Butters (worried)
Frozen Kenny
Motorcycle Cop Cartman
Motorcycle Cop Cartman (open mouth)
Mr. Mackey
Timmy (in wheelchair)
Timmy (in wheelchair) (smiling)
Series 4 Figures
Goth Stan
Jimmy (happy)
Jimmy (sad)
Terrence & Phillip
Series 5 Figures
Damien (mouth open)
Hippie Exterminator Cartman
Hippie Exterminator Cartman (mouth open)
Mephesto (mouth closed)
Mephesto (mouth open)
Series 6 Figures
Ming Lee Cartman
Mr. Slave
Mr. Slave (o-mouth)
Nurse Gollum
Starvin Marvin
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