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Batman (Bat-sign on card)
Assortments (10)
Figures Deluxe
Figures in 2-pack
Figures, Boxed Specials
Figures, Croc Claw on card
Figures, Croc Claw on card Deluxe
Figures, Croc Claw on Card, in 2-packs
Figures, Oversized
Figures, with Comic Book
Acid Arsenal Batman (Euro excl)
Arctic Shield Batman
Bane (Euro excl)
Battle Armor Batman
Battle Armor Nightwing
Battle Armor Nightwing (Euro excl)
Battle Board Robin (red shirt)
Battle Spike Batman (grey armor) (Euro excl)
Battle Spike Batman (red armor)
Hydro Suit Batman
Ice Cannon Mr. Freeze
Quick Fire Joker
Scarecrow (Euro excl)
Zipline Batman
Zipline Batman with Bat-disc launcher (Euro excl)
Figures Deluxe
Deluxe Attack Armor Batman (Euro excl)
Deluxe Bat Signal Batman (Euro excl)
Deluxe Battle Disc Batman (Euro excl)
Night Patrol Batman
Stealth Armor Batman
Tech Armor Batman
Figures in 2-pack
Batman & Nightwing
Batman & Superman
Batman & Superman (Extra accessories) (Euro excl)
Figures, Boxed Specials
2004 Comic Con Batman - Fullly Unmasked
2004 Comic Con Batman - Partially Unmasked
Batman (TRU Blue & grey)
Figures, Croc Claw on card
Acid Blast Joker (Euro excl)
Acid Shield Batman (Euro excl)
Battle Board Robin (green shirt)
Bruce Wayne ( Bruno Diaz) Batman
Croc Armor Batman
Crossbow Batman (Euro excl)
Dual Blade Batman (Euro excl)
Electronet Batman
Ice Cannon Mr freeze (Croc Claw Card)
Killer Croc
Shield Strike Batman (Euro excl)
Snare Strike Batman
Figures, Croc Claw on card Deluxe
Deluxe Battle Sled Batman (Euro excl)
Deluxe Drill Cannon Batman (Euro excl)
Deluxe Sky Strike Batman (Euro excl)
Deluxe Transblaster Batman (Euro excl)
Drill Cannon Batman
Sky Strike Batman
Figures, Croc Claw on Card, in 2-packs
Artic Shield Batman vs Ice Cannon Mr Freeze
Batman & Nightwing
Batman vs Killer Croc
Battle Armor Batman & Quick Fire The Joker
Zipline Batman & Battle Board Robin
Figures, Oversized
12" Batman
Figures, with Comic Book
Ice Cannon Mr Freeze with Comic
Killer Croc with Comic
Batcycle (European)
Batcycle Radio Control
Batmobile Radio Control
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