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The Munsters
ManufacturerMajestic Studios
Assortments (1)
Eddie Munster
Grandpa Munster
Herman Munster
Lily Munster
Marilyn Munster
Story synopsis
THE MUNSTERS ran on the CBS TV network from 1964 to 1966 in glorious black & white. In honor of the 40th Anniversary, Majestic Studios will issue deluxe 12" collectible figures of the entire freaky family. The collection will include HERMAN MUNSTER, who looks like Frankenstein's monster; his wife LILY, resembling the Bride of Frankenstein with her hair combed down; GRANDPA, a classic vampire; son EDDIE, a combination of a short werewolf and vampire; and, the strangest one in the family, Lily's niece, MARILYN MUNSTER. She's a young girl with creamy complexion, blonde hair, and blue eyes. The whole clan is very protective of Marilyn, no matter how ugly she is." THE MUNSTERS have remained a retro cult classic; and continue to gain new audiences as they are shown on cable TV in the US and abroad. Our 40th anniversary collection will be the definitive, highest quality Munster figures ever made," says Majestic Studios CEO Rick Phares.The Story of the Munsters –The Munster family, at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, always thinks differently than the rest of us. They prefer rainy days to sunny ones. If color comes into their cheeks, it means they're feeling sick.The head of this horrifyingly funny household is Herman Munster… tall, gaunt, cadaverous and in his 150s. He has a flat square-shaped head, a jagged saber scar on his forehead, ill-fitting clothes, darkly ringed eyes, and bolts in his neck. Since The Munsters show was licensed by Universal Pictures, the make-up artist could legally use the Jack Pierce/ Boris Karloff "Frankenstein" look.A gentle giant, Herman looks at the world with the trust of a child. He says he was born "in Germany, in a laboratory built by a Dr. Frankenstein, whose hobby was putting together do-it-yourself people kits." He left Germany at an early age and was adopted in England by a family named Munster, which conveniently set up the later theatrical movie, MUNSTER GO HOME (1966), where Herman inherits an English castle and a royal title. Herman tries his best to be a good husband, father and provider. He drives his car (half hot rod, half Hearse) to work each day at the Gateman, Goodbury & Graves Funeral Parlor, where Mr. Gateman (John Carradine) considers him an exemplary employee, "He's one of the few people at the parlor who doesn't lie down on the job."His wife, Lily Munster, a Transylvanian transplant, is as gothically beautiful as the day she died. Personality-wise, Lily is a typical suburban housewife, "in the vein" of June Cleaver and Donna Reed, concerned primarily with keeping the house in order, and her family happy. However, to Lily, dusting the house means throwing dust around.The family has their hands full with Lily's father, Grandpa Munster, who is actually THE Count Dracula. Grandpa is around, um, well; let's just say he's old. He is a great practical joker, but time has dimmed his memory and his magical skills. He is quite unpredictable… bumbler would be a better word.Herman and Lily's young son Eddie has pointed ears, fangs and wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit and is seldom seen without his "Woof-Woof ", a miniature werewolf doll. Beware in mid July, 2004, for Herman and Lily Munster to make their appearances at your local collectibles store. In mid September, look for Grandpa and Eddie. Also in September, Marilyn will make an exclusive special appearance only at Musicland stores.Majestic Studios would like to give a special shout out to Universal Pictures for entrusting us with bringing these great characters back to life. Of course, the Munsters come back from the dead the way most of us change our socks.
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