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Assortments (3)
X-Files Palz Exclusives
X-Files Palz Series 1
X-Files Palz Series 2 Blind Packagind
X-Files Palz Exclusives
Scully & Skinner black test shot Toy Fair 2005
The Conundrum 2005 Sdcc Excl
X-Files Palz Series 1
Deep Throat
Donnie Pfaster
Donnie Pfaster (black)
Gray Alien
Lone Gunman Melvin Frohike
Special Agent Dana Scully
Special Agent Dana Scully (brown suit)
Special Agent Fox Mulder
Special Agent Fox Mulder (with shades)
The Conundrum
X-Files Palz Series 2 Blind Packagind
Alex Krycek
Assistant Director Skinner/Long Coat
Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Attack “Newborn” Alien
Cigarette Smoking Man
Cigarette Smoking Man/Suit
Eugene Victor Tooms
George Peacock
Marita Covarrubius
Special Agent Dana Scully/Autopsy
Special Agent Dana Scully/FBI Jacket
Special Agent Fox Mulder/FBI Jacket
Special Agent Mulder/Long Coat
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